Keep Left – Taupo – Wellington, New Zealand

After spending a very lax day exploring the shops in town, I leisurely strolled back to the motel with my nose in my book. Enjoyed a sumptuous lamb dinner prepared by Keren and Bryan. I enjoyed a hot spa before turning in.

I am amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is here. I can almost hear my thoughts forming. I thought it was supposed to be getting chilly here but it seems that the late summer is boosting temps. This is very good news because anyone who knows me understands my distaste f read more

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Gone Fishin – Taupo, New Zealand

An early start as we all know the early bird gets the fish. Dan and Kelly from Michigan took me along with them on a 4 hour fishing trip in the worlds` trout fishing capital, Lake Taupo. International tournaments are held here on this picturesque lake every year. The lake is so large that you can fit the whole of Singapore into it.

We arrived at the dock and boarded our boat, White Striker, captained by Richard. On his business card, his job title is “Trout Catcher” and he does not lie. W read more

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Kiwi Hospitality – Taupo, New Zealand

It was rainy and overcast as I trod up to the Reef Resort Motel. As I walked through the large sliding glass doors into the bright marble tiled lobby, I was reminded of elegant cruises I had enjoyed in the past. This is the difference between backpacking and holidaying. I think when you are travelling for so long, it is important to take a breather every now and then. To relax and be pampered is sometimes just the rejuvenating boost one needs when feeling just a little out of sorts.

I had read more

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Writing on the Wall – Taupo, New Zealand

Arrived in Taupo and checked into discover I was in the same room as Nir, an old friend from Noosa. In keeping with tradition, we invited him and Mosh along with us for a walk to the Huka Falls. We laughed that every time I see him, I am on my way for a walk.

It was misting a bit so we took our rain suits but turned out we didn`t need them after all. First we watched the Bungee Jump which is 45 meters high. From here you get a gorgeous view overlooking the cliffs and cool blue Waikato River read more

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