Opus of Birth – Northwest Island, Australia

What a treat! No other boat in the area so we were completely isolated with an entire tropical island to ourselves. I was surprised how quickly the tide went in and we were able to go ashore – just in time for sunset.

The others walked ahead as I sat in the sand, watching the dense papaya colored glow around the sun visit shades of peach and carnation before gradually tucking herself into the sea. I noticed several turtles passing not more than 10 feet in front of me, slowly gliding along read more

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Sailing through the Coral Sea – Near Northwest Island, Australia

I think it`s Tuesday or Wednesday. Today is the eclipse that I have been looking forward to. It`s 530AM and the sun is already roasting. I fell asleep to a moonless sky chock full of stars and I woke to the sun creeping up on a clean blue slate.

The day after the storm we had a quiet day and I got to do some writing. As well, it was really nice to spend some alone time on the beach. The day after that, we woke for an exciting day at sea. We set sail at 7am and I wasn`t feeling all that gr read more

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