Fine French Food – Nimes, France

This morning Liz Paul and Bill sent me off. At breakfast, Paul was telling his comical story of running from the cops the night before, as drunk Irish men do. After big hugs, I was on a train to Nimes. Nevin is our guide and we are 7.

I really need to take care for the next few days as my feet are battered and my head is stuffy. My bruise from the France metro is not healing very quickly which is a sign for me to slow down. I am going to try and do some yoga and meditation to clear my hea read more

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Suprise visits from old friends – Nimes, France

My last day in Barcelona was a good one not unlike most of the other days I spent there. I drank sangria at a bar called Karma the night before and had a nice early night. When I woke up, I spent the morning looking in shops at the wondrous trinkets you could buy. I didn`t buy them tho as there just isn`t room when you are backpacking.

I sat in the square by the fountain listening to my Utopia CD feeling the droplets of water on my back. I passed by a church and went in for a wander. It read more

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