Meeting New Playmates – Greymouth, New Zealand

We decided to hit the Nelson market which was trendy and quite cute. I really liked the guy who makes the toy planes out of aluminum cans. You know what they say about one mans` junk being another mans` treasure.

Next, Mirium, Erin and I drove down to Greymouth and checked into the Global Village backpacker. Here I am sure we annoyed the very patient and accommodating owner to no end by switching our rooms so many times. The whole place is decorated in a global theme with tons of African read more

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Swimming with the Stingrays – Takaka, New Zealand

So, otherwise, I had a really good time in the Golden Bay area. I went to a drumming lesson which was really loud and quite cool. We learned some Haitian beats as well as some African rhythm. The room was all girls save for one brave lad from Japan. The energy really gets going in these sessions and it`s hard not to get carried away. Ya… my hands were on fire!

It was so dark at night, that I got to see the Glow Worms which are just like little stars in the forest. Way cool! One day, when read more

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Attack of the Bed Bugs – Takaka, New Zealand

Argh! So after reaching record levels of relaxation, it had to come to an end somewhere. And it did…in my BED! Mirium and I woke one night after hearing some strange noises then looked down to see the little critters, big and small scurrying around the room.

Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs! There will be no sleep tonight!

It was terrible! I have not had any run-ins with this problem in all my 8 months and certainly did not expect to encounter them here in NZ. I guess always expect the unexpected. read more

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Peace in Nature – Somewhere in Golden Bay, New Zealand

I see a sailboat off in the clear blue distance. The water ripples like stars of diamonds. The shiny mirror reflects the cloudless deep blue atmosphere. Jade, emerald, gold. These are jewels that can be found in the pure and natural as I gaze over the vast garden outside my veranda.

It is just still here. There is no TV, radio, newspapers. There is not even power. Everything here at this hostel is solar and eco-friendly. When I was browsing through the hostel listings, the name Shambhala read more

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Tramping the Tasman – Abel Tasman, New Zealand

We hopped into the car after picking some tangy grapes which were just hanging on the tree in the hostel parking lot. We took a stroll though the supermarket and when I looked up, I was surprised. The fruit and veg section had these wonderful vibrant art sculptures hanging from the ceiling. Had a chuckle then stocked up on food for our trek in Abel Tasman. I am surprised at how much I am craving health food but I feel a lot better for it. The produce guy was really friendly. After denying knowing read more

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Happy St. Paddys Day – Nelson, New Zealand

I have met so many Irish people in the past week its ridiculous! I mean, it`s funny that when you travel, it seems like you meet certain people from certain countries all at once sometimes. I have been meeting a lot of people from very close to where I live as well.

It`s really cool that I had lots of Irish people around me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The other day we went to an Irish pub and well, haven`t stopped drinking since. But taking a break now because although I don`t seem to g read more

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Hammock Days at the Villa – Nelson, New Zealand

So Picton was a blast. Met some very warm people and had some great talks. Tried to play some guitar and did some poi. The walks were quite stunning and I even found a really good walking stick. As I wandered through the forest of leaves I could hear the bugs chirping. I could feel the energy in nature and it made me feel so healthy.

There were little birds walking down the path in a row…a whole family. I stopped to watch them and giggled at the baby at the end who couldn`t decide which read more

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We are Travellers – Picton, New Zealand

I was feeling a little normal the other day…when it occurred to me that I was surrounded by amazing people on amazing journeys. I forgot how extraordinary this whole experience is. Shame on me. SO I wrote this for everyone who has ever had the courage to leave home. Even if it was just a short trek. Change can be very scary but how else can we grow?

Our shapes and sizes range from dwarf to giant
Our colors can be seen in the magnificent sunset pallet and brilliant rainbow spectrum
O read more

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Lord of the Rings – Wellington, New Zealand

We passed the Embassy Theater where the LOTR Trilogy Premieres are held. I was impressed by the giant Golum crawling over the roof towards the street. His head must have been the size of a truck! Over top of the box office a large golden ring that I probably could have stood inside of was spinning around and around and around.

I finally watched Two Towers and am now even more (is it possible?) excited to get down to the South Island. I know that most of the film was made there and that many read more

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Keep Left – Taupo – Wellington, New Zealand

After spending a very lax day exploring the shops in town, I leisurely strolled back to the motel with my nose in my book. Enjoyed a sumptuous lamb dinner prepared by Keren and Bryan. I enjoyed a hot spa before turning in.

I am amazed at how quiet and peaceful it is here. I can almost hear my thoughts forming. I thought it was supposed to be getting chilly here but it seems that the late summer is boosting temps. This is very good news because anyone who knows me understands my distaste f read more

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