College Town Hospitality – Utrecht, Netherlands

My apologies for not keeping up as I should…I have lots to tell! The longer I spent in Amsterdam the more I enjoyed it. I was there a week and I got lost a ton which really helped me to get to know the place. I met so many great people who made my days and nights so exciting. I really enjoyed Boom Chicago, Anne Frank, Huis Marselles photo gallery, the coffee shops, the canals, the cat that lived in the library, even the dealers on every corner trying to sell cocaine or ecstasy started to blend read more

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Crooked Buildings and Fairy Friends – Amsterdam, Netherlands

My last few days in Amsterdam was so much fun. I met so many people. I had a wonderful talk with Fabio and his Italian friends about dreams, romance and passion. I found a great CD store where I found an amazing compilation called Utopia. Its a mix of a bunch of movie theme songs with some classical for good measure.

I found the most magical little Fantasy Fairytale shop with trolls, fairies, dragons, wishing wells, and magic mirrors. I hope that this cheered up my fairy loving friend Cal read more

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Dam Square Comedy – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am still in Amsterdam and I have been having a great time. Yesterday, I sat in Dam Square and watched all the street performers. There was a Jim Carry, a Medieval Warrior, and other clowns of sorts. It was very much a carnival atmosphere. I was amazed at how friendly the police were. They were just standing around helping tourists, giving directions and showing them how to feed the pigeons.

There was a silver painted sax player who would play you a song if you put money in his silver pa read more

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Red Lights and Musuems – Amsterdam, Netherlands

On the train out of Germany, I found my my mood getting lighter. As enjoyable as it was, the history was quite heavy so it was nice to see cornfields and windmills. The countryside changed quite drastically in a short time. I was playing a very lucky game of Yahtzee in which I got 4 Yahtzee’s in 2 games! Michelle didn’t want to play games any more with me after I had already kicked her butt in Gin so I decided to study the scenery.

There were fields of green and farmers tilling their land. read more

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