Happy St. Paddys Day – Nelson, New Zealand

I have met so many Irish people in the past week its ridiculous! I mean, it`s funny that when you travel, it seems like you meet certain people from certain countries all at once sometimes. I have been meeting a lot of people from very close to where I live as well.

It`s really cool that I had lots of Irish people around me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The other day we went to an Irish pub and well, haven`t stopped drinking since. But taking a break now because although I don`t seem to g read more

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Hammock Days at the Villa – Nelson, New Zealand

So Picton was a blast. Met some very warm people and had some great talks. Tried to play some guitar and did some poi. The walks were quite stunning and I even found a really good walking stick. As I wandered through the forest of leaves I could hear the bugs chirping. I could feel the energy in nature and it made me feel so healthy.

There were little birds walking down the path in a row…a whole family. I stopped to watch them and giggled at the baby at the end who couldn`t decide which read more

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