Dessert Waffles – Naxos, Greece

I am leaving Naxos and going to Santorini in an hour. I have a great day sunning yesterday and then all the girls (they caught up with me again!) went for dinner and the shopped then for the most delicious waffles with carmel, bananas and ice cream….mmmm.

Santorini is supposed to be absolutely breathtaking. I can`t wait to get there. I hope that all is well where you are. I am just burning all my pics so far onto a cd so hopefully I will have a site up and running somewhere so you can s read more

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A Little Alone time – Naxos, Greece

Its raining today. Which is actually not too bad. It smells really nice. Its very refreshing in such a hot climate. Last nite Marlena and I went out for dinner then just watched the nightlife. Today she left for Ios. I decided to stay put. I am having some really good wind down time. Catching up on some writing and reading. I was watching TV today and the only thing on was Melrose Place. Man, I can`t believe they still air that! It was all subtitled so it was very funny (as if the acting wasn`t read more

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Carbonara Potato Improv – Naxos, Greece

Having a ball in Naxos. Its soooo hot here. I mean hotter than normal, which is still pretty hot. I really love the hotel, it has a pool. The little shops are so cute and there are thousands of little trinkets I would love to buy for you all but they mostly glass and I know they would not travel well. 🙁 But the thought is there.
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