Birthday Present to Self: Extending Trip – Melbourne, Australia

Well its been Great! I am sad to be leaving Melbourne shortly but I have such wonderful memories. We have been to the zoo which was one of the best I have visited. The animals really look happy here. They make a huge effort to ensure that they are in their natural environment. I saw their plans for the new elephant park and it looks like it will be spectacular.

We also went to a club called Bubble which was as always, an experience. The special guest DJ Nik Fish didn`t even come on until read more

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Tennis and Tan Lines – Melbourne, Australia

Have been busy over the last few days doing a little bit of everything and nothing. Had a delightful dinner with family friends where I tasted Lynns` mouthwatering Sticky Date Pudding. We listened to Penny (talented sax) and Scott (budding bass) playing us after dinner tunes with their respective instruments.

I enjoyed a vigorous tennis lesson from Paul ranking this as one of my favourite sports to play. The next day, we went to watch the exhibition tennis (a practice for the pros before read more

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Holiday Happenings – Melbourne, Australia

G`Day Mate! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have given myself a little break from the writing and updates as we all need some downtime every now and then. I have been catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading and even more yoga. I have learned that if you do yoga everyday your flexibility increases dramatically over a very short time. It becomes addicting. My goal is to become more bendy or at least as bendy as Terry.

Christm read more

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13 Sense – Melbourne, Australia

Still enjoying Melbourne immensely. I have made some new friends who have been showing me a VERY good time. I seem to fit in like peas in a pod with Sarah’s family. They are doing their best to make me comfortable which is not hard after so many months of backpacking. How nice it is to be in a real family home!

This is something I wrote while sitting in my office at my old job back in Canada. It was based on a very vivid dream that I had months before. I didn`t believe this place existed bu read more

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Adopted into an Aussie Family – Melbourne, Australia

It was hard to leave Mission Beach. I just kept meeting wonderful people who kept me feeling like I was right at home. Emma and Amy kept me laughing right up until I jumped in the bus. Sad to part with Kristin after some weeks but know I will see her again as well as my new Irish friends.

I stayed as long as I could then Elliot saw me off waving as I hopped on a bus then a plane. I met up with Moni again sharing travel tales since we last parted in Byron Bay. Now I am in Melborne. Sarah ( read more

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