Liquid Lunching in London – London, United Kingdom

I met up with Katrina and we had the best day in Covent Gardens. We sat on the second level in front of the huge glass windows inside Burger King watching Leicester Square with our very own musical serenade from four talented boys. We then did a bit of shopping before going to meet up with Jacques and his friends in Greenwich.

I have no idea where the night went but all of sudden, magically it was morning…too soon. Katrina and I made our way home in the very chilly morning air. Later on, read more

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Stuffed Squirrels and Tube Cats – London, United Kingdom

On Saturday I slept until late afternoon and went to the Queen Mary which is a boat turned into a bar/nite club on the Thames river. It was really fun but we made it an early night as we were all pretty tired from the night before. It was located very close to the club we went to Friday night and it was hard for me not to think about what a crazy nite that was.

Sunday, we lazed around then went shopping for groceries at the local supermarket. I am still surprised by some of the different f read more

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First Clubbing Experience – Gatecrasher in London – London, United Kingdom

I just had the most excellent experience. Last night, James, Kirsty and I went out with 25 other kiwis to a club called Heaven. The event was called Gatecrasher and the DJ was Paul Van Dyk.

After a scrumptious dinner that James made us we made our way on the tube to the club. I was nervous and excited at the same time as walked in. People were dressed up in the craziest costumes but somehow it all seemed to fit. There were three major rooms with different atmospheres and music.

The read more

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London Life – London, United Kingdom

The ferry ride to London was surreal as Steve and I sat watching a wall of TVs playing music videos, eating McDonald’s (mcds even on ferries?), and finishing up what goodies we had left from Amsterdam. They have movie theatres playing Scooby Do and Spider-man. It was like a floating mall resort type deal. I wondered how many people commuted on a weekly basis on this contraption.

I am now in London and it has been wonderful. I met kiwi Kirsty at the train station where I said goodbye to Stev read more

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