Wrapping up Europe – Rome, Italy

I am sitting on a plane which is about to take off from Rome. Europe is getting cold as it should be in November. Time is just such a strange concept to me right now. It`s almost as if all of these months have been a dream….but I know I have grown quite a bit.

My last few days turned out to be much fun with great people. I learn that the less you plan and the less you expect, the more precious and special the surprise. Liz is truly a gift. She did all sorts of errands with me in my last read more

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The Roma Gang – Roma, Italy

I changed hostels for the last time in Europe and have really come upon a winner. It`s called Fawlty Towers and it`s pretty popular so make sure to book ahead. I love everything about it from the colorful paintings on the wall to the cheerful staff. The almost too comfy couch to the jungle-like terrace is a great place to watch the cats basking on the roof across the street.

Most of all tho, I have met some very special people who have made my last few days in Europe quite memorable. Beau read more

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Walking tour of Roman Architecture – Rome, Italy

Today I met Lauren and Kate then went to the fruit market for breakfast. We walked to the Colosseum, yet again. The first thing I noticed, aside from the hoards of people, were the many relaxed cats and kittens lazing around everywhere. Ohhh Carmella Paradise! They get to live here because there is actually a law here that says cats should be able to live where they are born. There are even people who feed and take care of them.

We got to the queue to buy tickets and realized that this was read more

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Flood Flashbacks – Roma, Italy

I was awoken in the middle of the night by booming cracks of thunder and lightening that lit up the room like laser show. It was my first (but not last) Roman Thunderstorm! I listened to the pounding rain and reflected on my travels over the last few months before drifting off again.

The next morning, I decided a rainy day would be perfect for sitting around relaxing while catching up on my writing. I said goodbye (but see you soon!) to Calen, Heath, Fiona and Damien (the Halloween kissing read more

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Big Business – Vatican City, Italy

I woke up on Halloween morning and took a grumpy Calen for breakfast. We drank coffee and ate croissants. Then I went to a fruit and vegetable market to buy persimmons and a banana. I couldn`t believe how cheap it was! And it was tasty too.

We all made our way to the Vatican City where everyone except for Lauren Kate and I went on a tour. The three of us decided to go at it ourselves saving the 30 Euro. So we were standing around trying to get our bearings when a girl came up to us and a read more

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Silence in the Sistine…SILENCE!! – Rome, Italy

Did you know that the Vatican City is a completely independent state within the Italian Republic? They have their own stamps and currency as well as a radio station and newspaper. We tried to take a picture of the Swiss Guards (the Papal Guards) in their cute little blue uniforms but they said we had to take it from behind the gates. At least we got a picture. Not like Monaco where they bolted when I pulled out the camera.

That reminds me: I was trying to get a picture of the train conduc read more

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TGIF – Roma, Italy

Ok OK. I am alright. By crazy I mean, very busy. I don’t have much time right now to write but I will catch up in a bit. I have mixed feelings about Rome at this point but things seem to be settling down a bit and Hey, Its Friday! Not that it matters but I remember when I was in the real world how great Fridays were.

So its almost day three. It`s BOUND to get better. I just heard there are earthquakes here in Italy. Sooooo I guess I wont be going south. More news soon…

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Gelati and Touristy Things – Rome, Italy

So I arrived in Rome. The train station, Roma Termini, is so huge its like a mall! Wait, it is a mall. There is tons of shopping, kiosk vendors and even a supermarket. The hostel, Freedom Traveller, was kinda dodgy. I found the staff a little cold and I was not too excited about the set up. Jane got locked in the bathroom for what seemed like forever but we rescued her when she threw the key over the top where it literally bounced into my hand.

We picked up two Aussie girls Lauren and Kat read more

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Passing through Pisa – Pisa, Italy

I have just thrown out the last parts of my Lonely Planet Europe. All that is left is Italy, which is not to thick. What a feeling to get to this reflection stage. What exquisite memories and people have taken up residence in my heart. I feel it is growing exponentially everyday with each new experience and sometimes I wonder if it will burst! Just when I thought I was at capacity, another days smiles stretch it to new levels.

I am so happy to have met Anne who has just done a complete 18 read more

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Just Breathe – Riomaggiore – Cinque Terre, Italy

I am sitting on my sunny rooftop patio in Riomaggiore. My freshly washed laundry swaying lightly on the line as I nibble on toast with camembert from France and vine ripened tomatoes. I look out beyond the terrace dotted with flowerpots spilling over with pink and purple blooms and notice a lemon tree with what seems like hundreds of plump neon yellow lemons.

I wonder how many species of birds are around here as their singing sounds like an orchestra playing a melodious symphony. Again th read more

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