All nighters – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I had an exciting time staying awake all nite with Jules, Jon, Andy and Scott. But I somehow made it onto the bus this morning. I know that this is probably not a good pattern to be keeping when I see people like Gus who walk in and say `You did it again didn’t you` shaking his head with disbelief. I am thinking its probably a Scottish thing.

I am always amazed at how sometimes you can meet just the right people at just the right time…and they make your day. Jules is a very intelligent and s read more

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Relaxing in the Castle Gardens – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

So now I have left the Highlands to continue on my way. I have much more ground to cover. I was surprised at how sunny and warm it was today in Edinburgh. I was a little nervous about having to come back to a big city but I met a ton of great old and new friends last night.

Today I sat in Edinburgh Castle Gardens and watch a father playing fetch with his little boy. I couldn`t help but rest my head and take a little nap. The grass was so green and soft, the sun was so warm, the sound of th read more

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Playing in the Playground – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Today, we trekked up then down a volcano in the hot hot sun. It was as much fun as three girls could have on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Renee, Arianne, and I decided that a game in the playground down at the bottom would be fitting after such an excursion. We swung high our feet touching the sky.

We stretched our weary legs on the merry-go-round and taught a future photographer how to take her first pictures. There were some beautiful little scotch boys walking their puppy who literal read more

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Little Miss Backpacker – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

When I first arrived in Edinburgh, I wasn`t thrilled with it but this place really grows on you. Edinburgh has many hidden surprises which can only be discovered by exploring and sometimes getting lost. Which hey, I have almost mastered after Amsterdam.

The ghost tour was creepy even though I didn`t actually see any ghosts. The tales of Jekyll and Hyde as well as witch stories will keep you jumpy long after the sun has come up. Even in the daytime, there is a inconspicuous feeling of appre read more

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