Party right to the Plane – Brisbane, Australia

The train just left Brisbane. My hair is soaked and my heart is still racing. My whole body is pulsing to the bass that danced me like a puppet for the last 5 hours. All my muscles ache but the adrenaline makes me feel like I am floating. I feel so light. I look past my rosy-faced reflection through the glass and see the subtle change in the dark night sky announcing the beginning of a new day. Minute by minute the sun creeps closer and one by one the street lights dim to sleep. This is goodbye read more

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Shoe Sensitivity and Banana Flambe – Brisbane, Australia

I really didn`t explore too much of Brisbane as I know I will be heading back there. I spent most of my time chilling out with the new fam. Christie, Hil and I went to watch the sunset until the wind kicked up.

Next, we headed off to the supermarket to pick up some stuff for supper. We spent way too long there (my fault) because I got lost in all the cool types of foods that were avail to me. I can`t get over all the new choices. They were finally able to tear me away and we zoomed home.< read more

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