Lost Wallet Returned! – Berlin, Germany

I really liked Berlin especially the fact that it wasn’t raining. The sightseeing was quite tiring but the hostel was top notch. I ate the biggest pizza in the world (little pizza joint across from hostel) with Greg from the US…it didn’t even fit on the pan.

I went and visited the Berlin Reich stag, the new German political building, with Sandra a teacher from Canada. Have I mentioned how many teachers I have met along the way? I think that probably 50 percent of the people I meet are teache read more

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The Horror of Hatred – Berlin, Germany

Yesterday, I took a half hour train to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. It was very large and I found out while I was doing the self-guided audio tour, that this was a `model` that they used during the war to build other camps from. There were barely any tourists on this hot sunny day as I passed through the gates that over 220,000 people once entered to endure this horrific place.

There were two barracks still standing which housed extensive information of what it was like living there read more

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Haunting History – Berlin, Germany

I am now in Berlin and the sun did come out the minute I got here. No problems on the train and this city has been untouched by the flooding except that they are overrun with people trying to escape the floods.

The hostel I checked into is called the Circus and its pretty innovative. Everything, and I mean everything, was Ikea and they used cardkeys for the rooms. It was definitely the most modern hostel I have been in thus far. Not to mention the staff who were helpful and polite, more o read more

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