Back to Base for a minute – Auckland, New Zealand

I did begin to feel a little bit of a cold and scratchy throat but that seems to have passed over the last day or two. Now I am back in busy Americas Cup hosting Auckland where I can look out Irenes` high rise student residence window to watch the ships and sailboats pass through the harbour. I leave shortly to head down the North Island where I will meet up with my new camera (YAY!) and experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. Hopefully the sun holds out and we get the late summe read more

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New to New Zealand – Auckland, New Zealand

When I finally collapsed into my seat on the plane leaving Brisbane, I was so grateful that no one was seated next to me. It wasn`t long before I was spread out over three seats using the three small blue pillows to cover and cushion my head. I was lulled into a dreamy altered state of consciousness as the adrenaline from my last weekend in Australia waned slowly but surely.

It was a very strange feeling as the plane dipped and cut through the turbulence. I sometimes felt like I was flyin read more

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