Inspiration and True Love

IMG_7797She said: This is inspired. I have to tell this story as much as I need to make these cards. So you may be wondering why it took this long for someone to come up with Burning Man Tarot, and who better to create them, but the Rangers! Well, there is more to this story. Mickey. What kind of playa name is that? He is Michael to me. The only time he hears “Mickey” out of my mouth is when we are on ranger radio.

So LOVE is a pretty big deal to me. I held out for a long time because I BELIEVE. I have had my heart smashed IMG_7980into a thousand pieces and there is no way I am going to let that happen again. I have had a really hard time understanding love in this life. I knew it existed and saw it all around me, but I had convinced myself true love wasn’t in the cards for me. Never-mind. I had a million other things. So what if I didn’t have a partner, a soulmate, my ONE. I decided I would be enough.

Enter: Ranger Mickey. He was a hot mess. This guy was definitely no threat to me and there was certainly no risk of me falling in love with him. Something about him though…scared me. And I am the type of woman who confronts her fears. At least I wanted to understand it. So I hung around him for a while, we rangered together. As a ranger pair, we made a good team. I could pull 20 hour shifts. No problem. He challenged me. We kept each others EGO in check. I couldn’t understand why I wanted to be around someone who was so annoying. It was pure INSANITY. I spent practically the whole week glued by his side and then ran away with barely a goodbye.

Look, most of my life I have been blessed with great insight (some people call it luck), but this is one I would have never guessed. Two years lIMG_7687ater, I am still in a bit of shock. But I am learning about love now. It’s way different than I thought it should be. It’s messy and confusing and scary and real. It’s easy to be brave when you have nothing to lose.

I have been engaged twice in my life and both times I realized it was a mistake shortly after saying yes. So a few months ago, Michael proposed and I have said yes in my heart but my head isn’t sure. Is YES the right answer? Is he the one? My ONE?

So my burn was already set up to go well as I had asked friends to mail me on playa. I would send them some playa dust in return. So several people complied and I was getting mail every other day. Anyone who really knows me knows how much I love mail. It’s like instant happy for meIMG_7640 and the mailman is my friend. Infact, Ranger Mailman is a close friend of ours and he was our neighbor this year on playa. I am facinated by mail and when I get anything, even bills or flyers, it makes my whole day. I even made a mailbox!

One fine sunny Tuesday in Black Rock City, Michael and I decided to dress up and go for a walk. We were not to work the whole day. This is a big deal. Anyone who knows Ranger Mickey knows that he is always on duty. He doesn’t know how to not work at Burning Man. He always has a radio or two or three. Mr. Radio prides himself on answering almost every “radio check.” Well, he finally met his match. It wasn’t too hard to convince him. Today was our two year annivIMG_7752ersary. No laminates, no radios, no khaki, nothing except for a tutu, a parasol, and a third eye.

We wandered through the streets and found all sorts of treats. We had fresh coffee which I got for only a kiss which I chose to give to my love. Poor Michael spun the wheel and had to twerk for his espresso. He looked confused but he learned quite quickly when someone demonstrated. We were stopped by a guy with wagon and he made us a fresh mojito in the middle of the road. Then we found our lost Timmy’s cup that we had just  gotten in Canada. We thought it was gone forever! It was shaping up to be a great day indeed.


We decided to go meet the Man and the souk that surrounded him. We had watched it all being built all week and even did stick duty for a short while. It would be great to see how it all came together now.

The tents were bustling with visitors and wanderers and people watchers. Each tent offered something different from games to crafts to manicures to libraries of books. Every one way practicing gifting in their own way. I got a new scarf that matched my skirt exactly when I retold a favorite burning man story from my first year. It was a magical tale that I had forgotten and it was a special treat to retell it. I felt emotional as I remembered what the playa can do, when you allow it.


We ran into our old friend Sergio near the Canadian tent. I always run into him at the strangest times. Interestingly, I just realized, I met him the same day that I first met Michael. Sergio shared that he was going on a journey, an adventure through Spain that he had been dreaming about as long as I have known him. It made my heart happy to hear that he felt encouraged by my travels. I know how traveling can change someone so I was glad to see him before he left. I can’t even imagine what stories he will come back with.


Next, we decided to take a break and rest our weary feet. The red tent we chose was quiet and cool with a mellow vibe. We took off our shoes at the door and found a couple of plump pillows on the floor to sit on. I surveyed my surroundings and noticed someone reading cards, another giving a massages, and even an oxygen bar!

I could tell that Michael felt a little out of place being quite a skeptic of new age-y things and clearly this was out of his scientific scope. I picked up the magic 8-ball that was on the low table in front of us. I playfully shook it and asked Michael to think of a question. As it turns out, he didn’t know how it worked so I had to teach him. “It only knows how to answer YES or NO questions,” I helped him gently. I could tell he thought it was rather silly. For a second, I felt self conscious when I felt his doubt of such a foolish toy and then I remembered, he has the mind of an engineer. It was not his fault. He just needed to be shown how to believe in the power of intention.

I remembered the days long ago when I used to play with my cards and listened to what they said. I understood the guidance that thIMG_7764ey offered when I gave them the chance. I wondered when I had last played with my beloved Angel cards and felt a sudden need to touch them. I always have them with me but haven’t used them in ages. I began to feel sad for the loss when suddenly, the card reader became free. I jumped up and informed Michael quite purposefully that I was going to have my cards read. Without giving him a chance to react, I was sitting in front of the beautiful young lady. She told me her name was Mallory and I felt instantly comfortable with her. I realized that she would not scare Michael with her down to earth energy, so I asked him to come and join us. I could tell he felt a little shy but curiosity won as sat down to watch this strange ritual.

It was a simple reading. Chose ONE card from the 44 Goddess cards. Just one. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for interpretation. I had my question but dare I ask it? What if my fears are real? What if this love isn’t what I think it is? I decided to face my fear and abandon all my doubts. It was our anniversary, after all. Surely, I had to ask whether HE was the ONE. And I decided that I would listen to what the cards told me. I put all my energy and faith into my shuffling the thick deck. I asked with my whole heart, and I know that when you come from a pure place, the truth always appears.


When I felt my question in all my heart and soul, I gave her the cards back, properly ordered to give me direction. She spread out the cards before me and I knew exactly where to go. I plucked my answer from the cards, and looked at it with anticipation. “True Love”, was the card I chose. I felt overwhelmed with joy. It was such a clear and direct answer. There was no question what it meant. I felt tears pushing behind my eyes with relief that I was in fact on the right path. I was so excited, that it was clear what it meant to me and what I had asked. Mallory looked at me with a knowing smile.

I asked Michael if he wanted to pick card, since it was so easy. He agreed to try it though he had never had a reading before in his life. I was so excited for him to take a step towards believing in gifts from the universe that you can’t quite explain. But what happened next blew me away. After he shuffled his cards for a long time he said he had his question. When he tried to chose a card from the spread Mallory laid before him, theIMG_7806 card he wanted seemed to jump away from him. He really had to work at getting it (stubborn), as it wasn’t going to come easy. He dug around at it and finally got ahold of it, trying to hide in the other cards. I was slightly embarrassed for him but amused that he had so much trouble picking a card. I was also proud of him for being so determined and knowing that was the card for him. If he didn’t care, I suppose he would have just grabbed easier one.

When he turned the elusive card over, it was none other than “True Love”. Exactly the card I had chosen a few minutes ago. I couldn’t believe it. And now I did start to cry a little, just feeling so overwhelmed by the perfection of it all. I didn’t have to worry anymore. I had put my faith in the energy of the Goddess and believed that we had channeled a divine moment. And now Michael was also inspired. He was so shocked but elated! What are the chances? I am sure he didn’t care at this moment as he looked as amazed as I felt. I know he hasn’t had any doubts, not from day one. But he could see that I struggled. And now I could tell that he felt we had passed a milesstone.


I told Mallory that it is our anniversary today and what this means for me and us. I hugged her and thanked her profusely and asked her about her experience with this art, as she is clearly gifted. She told us she was just a beginner with reading cards. She confessed that didn’t even have her own deck, that these cards belonged to someone else. She said she was going to get some right away once she got home.


Immediately I knew I had to give her my Angel cards. It was the same strong feeling I have had in the past when there was no if ands or buts. I question most things, just to be sure, but in these moments, its a strong knowing. Even if I don’t understand it or want to, I have to do it. I asked her when she would be there again and she told me she only had one more shift left. I found out where she was camped just in case I missed her. I didn’t tell her why but I said I would see her again soon. I was a little bit sad to have to give up my favorite cards that I had used for so long and had traveled all around the world with me. But I knew it was the right thing to do. Besides, I had bought those cards for myself and cards work better when they are gifted.


As we walked back home, I was walking on air. All the doubt that I had allowed to cloud my intuition and knowing, had disappeared. I felt like my first year on the playa, when I had mystical moments of wonder every day. It was common then because I believed in it, and couldn’t imagine life without it. We walked hand in hand and I felt like I was beaming brighter than the sun. Finally, I get True Love.

We found a bowling alley in the middle of the playa our way home, so we decided to have a game. And I ended up getting a strike! One ball and I knocked them all down. I am not a great bowler, especially not on a wooden bowling alley covered in dust. I figured it was just my luck…and I remembered that we make our luck. I don’t know if I could get any higher. I was winning today.

As we had our anniversary dinner in the commissary, where we had met, we talked about how today could not have gone better if we had planned it. The food was amazing that day, the pot roast was so tender and the potatoes were just right with the salty gravy. After we ate, we went home and relaxed from the perfect day. It was a special day that I will never forget.


IMG_7816I realize the word “Magic” doesn’t make sense for alot of people. They perhaps related to something negative as illusion or trickery. I don’t think of it that way all though I understand how it could feel that way if you were programmed that way since a child, as I was. It took a long time to get over clumsy wording. I was taught “magic” or anything mystical was wrong and evil and would lead to my destruction. (Some organized religions can be very stifling and discouraging if you don’t fit into their mold) What a terrible feeling when I realized so young that a deep part of me was considered evil and dangerous. I suppressed it for years and felt like secretly, I was bad.


Then I went away from what I knew and all the people who had taught it to me. I left and traveled around the world, where I learned, I was just fine. Infact, I was awesome! I learned about “sychronycity”, a word which was more acceptable. So over the years, I embraced my “intuition” and noticed the many schronycities. But now I know its all the same thing. “Synchronicity is defined by Jung as a meaningful coincidence of an external event with a psychic event, such as a dream, fantasy, or thought. These events coincide in time in a way that gives them meaning for the observer. That is, they seem like communications between a divine force and ourselves, and they confirm that there is a connection or interaction between our psyche and physical reality.”

The story seems like it should end here, doesn’t it? But no, there is more. Of course, there is more! I promised you inspiration.


The next day, I got a message that a package had arrived at the post office for me. We were working and decided to stop by on our rounds of the city. I had been expecting a package from Leanne, a dear friend who I connected with years ago at a festival in Canada. We were both spinning flags and hit it off instantly. I love her so much but really haven’t spent enough time with her. She is the kind of friend that I can feel 1000 miles away, she is very strong in her energy. So I was curious to know what she had sent me. When I got the box, I could barely open it fast enough. And you’ll never guess what was inside? Some sage, a crystal, and a brand new set of exactly the Angel cards that I was about to gift to Mallory. The playa provides.

So, after some doing, I did finally find Mallory’s camp but no Mallory. I decided to leave the cards there for her at her tent. The gift was enough and it wasn’t meant for me to see her again. A true gift expects nothing in return. It was an honor to be able to gift a talented woman her first set of cards. I was so happy at the thought of her finding the cards and reading the note I wrote inside. My best playa gift so far, I am sure. It felt so divine.

This is our inspiration for creating the set of Playa Tarot cards. It is meant for me to learn the Tarot to sharpen my intuition and strengthen my belief in myself. Michael is learning to overcome his prejudice of all things mystical and unknown. Some thIMG_8064ings just can’t be explained. It’s important for us to spread the message that magic can and does happen, if we allow it. And this is our way of letting you bring the power of the playa with you everywhere you go.


He said:

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The Dolar Blue

The cool thing about traveling to Argentina right now is the underground economy. The official rate is 8.4 pesos to the US dollar, but the Dolar Blue is at 14.35 and rising! This makes the peso very lucrative for people with USD. It’s not legal, per say, but everyone who has dollars uses the touts who shout, whisper or advertise cambio in someway. It seems very common and makes it much more affordable to buy anything from food to clothes to rent. In fact, we chose to wait to rent a place longer-term until we arrived in Buenos Aires. This way our chances were higher to be able to pay in pesos. With most online apartment rental companies and even AirBnB, only allow payment in USD. Everyone here is crazy about the dollar and the locals will do just about anything to get them.20140909_145713

In the short time we have been here the Dolar Blue has gone up almost $0.50 which is alot when you are exchanging thousands of dollars. Luckily, I have friends here who helped me exchange my dollars for pesos at one of their reputable cambios. We ended up getting a rate of 14 pesos for the dollar and I felt rich! Suddenly things were almost half-price. The very next day it went up 10 cents and it’s been going up daily.

I don’t really understand how it is going to continue or how the locals can live in this very split economy, but it sure makes living here very cheap if you have the wanted currency. The downside is that though there are tons of places to rent, almost all of them want their rent paid by dollar. That is the only currency they will take. We knew we would have to go house hunting in a few days but for now I had booked us our space to get settled.


I tried to sleep for a little while but Michael just felt antsy to go out and about. I didn’t want to go anywhere without having pesos and we had to wait for Flor to do the exchange. Luckily she was quite fast and we met her at the nearby mall to get our take. It ended up being quite a lot of bills and we felt quite rich. After giving Flor the Nerf Gun she had asked for for her little brother, we parted ways and we went to explore.

After we stashed most of our bills safely at home, we went out for a walk. Michael was starving, as usual, so we were on the hunt for food. I kind of knew the area but I still felt a bit turned around. I just couldn’t find my sense of direction. I knew that if I got to my old house, I would know where I was. So that is what we tried to find…

Grateful for locals, Dolar Blue, having connections, and feeling at home.


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The Best Bed and Breakfast in Buenos Aires

IMG_8328Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I had been listening to Flor telling me how things were so different now and that it wasn’t as safe here. She told me to be very careful and I faintly remembered hearing the same words the last time I came. This time I asked whether either of them had been held up or had crime done to them. They both said no. I am sure that with common sense I will be fine, I assured her. Besides, I have Michael here now and he is my protector.

We finally made it near the microcentro and I started recognizing streets and parks. It was not so different at all! The rain just would’t let up so we had a quick goodbye and we waited in the doorway for our AirBnB host to let us in. Though the walk (sprint) to the doorway was just a few feet, I got drenched. When Gus answered the door, he whisked us in out of the terrible storm. Since we had arrived so early, our room wasn’t ready yet but he graciously let us rest in his living room for the morning. We had intended just to drop off our bags and go walk around the neighborhood but that was not in the cards. The storm was ferocious and would not let us even think about stepping foot out there. Instead we laid down on the L shaped couch and I watched the rapid fire lightening until I drifted off to sleep.IMG_8322

A few hours later, we woke up and found that the storm had gone and so had Gus. We waited in the living room and I noticed Gus’s good taste. He was meticulous with his belongings and everything seemed to have a place. I had read good reviews about Gus on AirBnB and so far it was all true. A short while later, Gus showed up and said that our room was ready. He took us across the hall to another condo which he had converted into a Bed and Breakfast. I was so impressed with his ingunuity to have such a cool guesthouse that still allowed him his own space. Brilliant!IMG_8324

Gus showed us our room which happened to be the best of the three, and I was so relieved. It was better than in the pictures! How often does that happen? He spent time explaining the area and how he had gotten there. It was a great story and I was inspired to someday do the same thing. He really enjoys his guests and makes them feel at home. He took the little chalkboard off our door and wrote our names on it and where we were from. I glanced at the others and there was a German Thomas and two guys from Venesula. It was so cozy and sweet…very well kept. When he finally left us to settle in, I flopped on the comfy bed and exhaled. Finally, I’m back.

Grateful for hospitality, good honest reviews, space heaters, home made medialunas, and drying off.

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Brits learning Halloween, Bulford, UK

Yesterday started out well as Sonya made it possible for me to sleep in somehow getting Ben out of the room silently before he was able to get to me. Ben loves his Aunty so much that he wants to spend every waking moment playing with her…read: if he is awake, he thinks I should be awake and finds many interesting ways to make that happen. In any case, I more or less caught up on my sleep and the short afternoon nap I took sealed the deal.

Monday is Sonya’s day off which meant we also got to hang around all day hanging out together doing what best friends do best….everything and nothing. Sonya is my very favorite person to practice this fine skill with although now I must admit it is a bit of a challenge with the two babes crawling all over her. Still, we manage. It was rainy and chilly (typical, so they say) so it was the perfect day to sit in and drink tea and watch music videos and play on the computer. Soon it was time for Nicholas to go down for a nap so I followed suit while Son went to pick up Ben from school.

We fed the kidlettes before getting ready for Halloween night. Ben wore his Batman costume but insisted on wearing a somewhat large green camping lantern on his belt. Sonya protested loudly but I gently agreed with Ben that it didn’t matter that it didn’t “fit”. It made all the sense to me…infact, I explained, this was an improvement. Ben was a hybrid superhero – Batman crossed with the Green Lantern. Or the Green Lantern *disguised* as Batman, if you will. Sonya looked at me a bit exasperated as if to say “whose side are you on?” to which I shrugged as Ben beamed up at his Mum triumphantly while proceeded to tie on the shiny blue cape.

“There is a special way to this,” I explained to Ben matter-of-factly. “I own more than seven different capes and cloaks so I am a bit of a professional.”

To this Sonya chuckled and agreed that only Aunty Carmella would have such an arsenal of capes confirming that yes, she is most definitely the right one to have around for holidays such as Halloween. Once Ben was ready and Nicholas was poured into his little (almost too little…the boy is growing like a weed!) tigger outfit, we readied ourselves for the spooky night out.

Sonya started out as a she-devil but then decided she felt more piratey and changed. I agreed that the pirate was the right choice. I opted to be a “Police Dude” which meant a proper bobby hat complete with siren and light on the top as well as vest and handcuffs. There was a baton too but I lost that to a teething Nicholas who decided it was for chewing on. The best part of the ensemble was the bathrobe I wore and the pajama pants (which were actually hospital scrubs) ala. The Big Lebowski. Get it? Police Dude? I thought it was quite clever but I imagine I was the only one since Sonya doesn’t remember (gasp!) the cult classic.

I had just wiggled into the childsize Police vest when the first suspects rang the bell. Ben went ballistic and ran screaming wildly to the door, while I followed in steady pursuit armed with the candy bowl.
After handing out a few rounds of sweets, we had a photo shoot before heading out ourselves. I was impressed with the level of participation of some of the neighbors. Halloween is not well received here in the UK still being seen as a very American holiday. But those who have fun with it really do jump on board.

About a quarter of the houses dropped sweets in Bens happy little jack-o-lantern treat holder. It was pretty cute when we over heard the 5 year old asking the houses if the sweets they were giving him had egg in them. Sonya is deathly allergic to egg (as I discovered once many moons ago when we were teenagers doing homemade facemasks…not a happy story as her mom thought I was trying to kill her and has never really trusted me since) so her son is very wary of them.

The best house was when a 20-something man (who clearly had just come home from the gym) answered his door a little embarrassed but with a handful of coins. Ben didn’t quite know what to think when the burly young man repeatedly thrust his fist towards him, waiting for Ben to hold out his bucket. Finally the confused 4 year hold must have worked out that the gentleman was trying to give him a ganster greeting of sorts so he (naturally) gave him a fist pound right back. The whole thing was rather akward but made for the most hilarious moment of the night. Sonya and I were crying we were laughing so hard.

Another house had a dog the size of a small horse which wanted to participate too. And yet another home had a young boy who repeatedly invited us to come in to his house for a party. A few minutes later we learned it wasn’t his house at all but that he was inviting the whole neighbourhood anyway. I was quite impressed with how kind people were, nothing like the stuffy Brit stereotype.

When all was said and done, Ben had scored quite a pile of sugary snacks. Sonya ganked a candy watch and necklace and I noshed on some mini chocolate bars. Ben was more than happy to share…he is such a generous little boy. After the kids finally entered sugarcrash territory, we dropped them into bed and had a girls night. We watched StreetDance and ate yummy food while Facebooking each other from opposite sides of the couch. It was just like old times. I guess thats the best part of having a best friend…old times and new times are all the same. I guess what it comes down to is that time really just doesn’t exist in these rare connections.

Grateful for Happy Halloweens.

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Lets talk about the weather

It’s Thursday afternoon now and we are still experiencing scorching temperatures. Good thing we have a fan going in here or I would be cooking! I have the radio on in the background to catch any weather warnings that may develop. Usually we get a good thunderstorm when it’s hot like this. This has been a very active year for intense weather in Alberta. Severe storms causing extensive damage (including several fatalities) have dominated the news over the past few months.

Admittedly, I tend to get rather excited when Environment Canada issues a weather watch for my region. You will find me glued to the window of my 20th floor condo monitoring any systems coming in from the west. Talk of jet streams, barometric pressure, and dew points really do it for me. Yeah, I should have been a meteorologist.

The wind has picked up a bit but the sun is still turned on full blast. Mom is napping in the shade under the trees on my yoga mat. Dad will be back tomorrow to pick us up and haul us home. Then I have to begin packing.

Grateful for climate climaxes.

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Everyone should have an EscapePod

The last time we came here a few weeks ago it was windy and a little too chilly for my taste. It was probably a good thing that the tent broke because then we were forced to look for a new one. We ended up spending a bit more and purchasing a little vintage 1979 Trillium trailer. Made of lightweight fiberglass, our 13 foot home away from home can even be towed by a car and is easy to manage. The previous owners took great pride in renovating the interior creating a charming and modern “escape pod” which can go pretty much anywhere.

I will admit that while it is much more convenient camping with electricity, I am not quite ready for the cumbersome responsibility and expense of a giant gas guzzling RV. But my Trillium is a happy compromise with a small fridge, stove, and sink proving that having a few creature comforts can up really boost the fun factor.

Even as a child, I have always liked cubbyholes. My mom would always find me hiding or sleeping in drawers, closets, under furniture, and even inside the clothes dryer. I gravitated towards small spaces so it makes senses that I would find one to travel around in.

We are using it for the first and last time this year before storing it away for the winter. As luck would have it, we have hit a three day 30 degree heat wave. Mom is having a nap before we embark on another hike aka. Project Saskatoon Collection.

Grateful for pod mobility.

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Fruits of my Labour of Love

Truly, I am so blessed. There are so many people and moments in my life that I have to be grateful for. Right now, I am staying with my parents for a month before I embark on my next big trip. Every day I am reminded how fortunate I am to have them, even in all their eccentric ways.

The other day I woke up to find my mom already gone to work but a jug of fresh squeezed juice and just cut pineapple in the fridge for me. It was too good. I didn’t even let myself have it right away. I wanted to bask in the prospect. It has been a very long time since I have lived at home and felt Mom’s hospitality. More than half my life has passed since I moved out at 15. I forgot how it feels to be taken care of.

I wandered outside to discover what my Dad was up to and of course it was as I had expected. He was knee deep sorting his bottles, loading his truck with tools, and organizing his “stuff” empire which spans his huge garage, driveway and backyard. Dad has always been a serious putterer and now that he is officially retired from his career, I think I can safely call it his chosen profession. What I mean is that if Puttering was an Olympic sport, my Dad would not only take gold but he would swipe silver and bronze too. He’s that good.

I admired his focus for a while before spotting the billions of raspberry bushes sorely in need of a good picking. I rustled up a bucket and began my work. Many of the thorny branches were twisted into a gnarled mess keeping me from accessing the juiciest berries. I could see many a cluster of deep ruby plumpness caged in the prickly prison. They were screaming to be rescued. They were raging ripe. It was clear liberation could not wait even one more day or they would surely shrivel up and die. My frustration moved me towards the conclusion that I would have to sort this bush out if I wanted to do this properly.

I emerged from the mess and approached my Dad to ask for some rope to tie up the branches. I guess he is not used to having puttering partners because I scared the bejesus out of him. Literally. I promised after his retirement party last month, I wouldn’t “surprise” him anymore. I guess there is a difference between startle and surprise so it may be time to give the old guy a break. Note to self: Bear bells could be useful in keeping Pop’s blood pressure down.

After showing me the ropes, Dad tried to show me the “right” way to harvest the raspberries explaining the way they did it way back when this was a business for them. I thanked him kindly but told him I had my own style and was going to make an art of it. He shrugged indifferently scooping up a handful and popping the bunch into his mouth in one fell swoop as he turned to walk away. It was an impressive demonstration of seasoned skill. But I would be better, if not, at least more productive. I wouldn’t eat even just one.

I battled the red berry bushes for a good hour or two while August sun beat down on my neck. Something of a fruit picking fiend, I admit I became a bit obsessed with filling my bucket. Not even my arachnophobia would deter me. At first I tried to avoid the spiders, then I just ignored their beady little eyes taunting me from their razzy perch. But they had a knack for owning all the best looking berries. I had to face this fear if I wanted to be a player. Near the end of the patch, I knew I had arrived when without hesitation, I huffed and puffed and blew that daddy long legs right off one particularly perfect succulent scarlet fruit. Not this time Spidey…this one’s mine. Triumphantly, I strode into the house with the spoils of my decisive win.

I have to admit, when I finally did sit down to my breakfast of sweet pineapple spears and tangy orange-lemon kiwi juice, my drooling taste buds were just begging for it. Made specially with Mom love and it was the best I’d ever had.

Grateful for fruit.

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Ferret the kids

I have been a little down lately but today was a turn around. I guess sometimes in life, it gets muggy and hot and things just feel tired. I guess it doesn`t help that the weather has been this way and I have been struggling with another bout of insomnia. I get this sometimes and it is awful when you have too much to think about. The “things” just run through your head over and over making you feel nuts. And there is nothing you can do but turn over. Again and again until hopefully, you pass out from exhaustion. read more

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Now it is Thursday and I haven`t written in days. That`s what happens when life blows up and there is too much to do. Deadlines and last minute developments invaded leaving me a little over committed. Monday I tried to get all my work done so that Tuesday I`d be free to see my friend from Montreal. Though I stayed up all night, I got most of it done. I ended up going to the later yoga class on Tuesday and man it was hard. I hurried back home to have a few meetings before Martin came from the airport. read more

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Prepare for G(l)ory…and CG EyeCandy

Sunday was a lax morning and I decided to take the day off yoga giving my body a rest. It was Sebastian`s birthday so we went for Dim Sum and then for coffee. Next we did a little bit o`fishing before heading out to a movie he`s been wanting to see for a while. read more

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