Hi! I’m Carmella. Writer, foodie, cat lover, world traveler, and seeker of truth. Welcome!

I spent 13 years traveling the world solo, living out of a backpack, during which I kept a blog  (which later became a book). I learned a lot about myself in those  years. But the most important thing was spend your time and energy doing the things that make you happy…no matter what.

If you were to die tomorrow, at least you will have lived your last day in joy. Don’t waste your life saying what if, maybe, or someday. In my experience, someday never comes.

These days I’m focusing on self-improvement through positive mindset, cooking yummy healthy food, and beauty that’s empowering. I’ve learned there is a difference between vanity and self-care. Attitude is everything. I strive to find balance.

Also I love cats, of which I have one called Cricket. She is the best, albeit a little bit of a troublemaker sometimes.

I am always happy to make new friends all over the world. Please reach out! You can email me. Talk to you soon!