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Liking the ship staff

Woke up early-ish and ate on our breakfast. The gym is getting a lot busier and people have started getting weird about machines. Ugh. I guess it was bound to happen. I think when they realize their clothes are not fitting, rather than cut down on the drinks or desserts, they imagine that a few minutes on the treadmill will solve everything. It’s only a little frustrating when I get asked all the time to assist with how to work the machines. I suppose its one of the hazards of going on a cruise full of oldies. Many automatically assume you are crew, because why else would you be on the ship?

We had a leisurely lunch and then retired to the library. I meant to write but try and I might, I just could not keep my eyes open. I had a micro dream and then was startled awake by another sleepers snoring. Finally I gave up and told Michael we should head back down to the room. We dressed for dinner, then went to listen to Chris for a while. He is one of my favorite parts of this cruise. No matter what he is singing, it always seems to get into my soul. That boy has some serious talent.

We ate dinner and joked with our servers who always bring such a sparkle to the day. We especially like Asep who is labeled “Dining Room Greeter” on his name tag. He has such a sweet smile and always brightens my mood. His costume is really bizarre and we joked in the beginning that it was exactly that of a organ grinders monkey. He has a little red hat and the suit, well, now that we know him, we really think it suits him. It looks like a very fancy bellhop costume from the classic movies of the olden days. He is there at the end and the beginning of all our meals. And at the end, he has a digestif station where he offers little napkins delicately folded with either mints, dates, or our favorite, candied ginger. It’s a daily tradition now.

We head back to hear Chris’s second set and the lounge is packed from all the Trivia leftovers. It will be an hour before they are corralled out for the second dinner seating. Then, for that last hour, we generally have Chris to ourselves. He plays pretty much what ever we ask and well. He did a slow ballady version of Michael Jackon’s Beat It tonight and I was blown away. But perhaps my favorite was when he nailed the Dave Matthews tune “Don’t Drink the Water”. Nailed it, I say. Truly a pleasure to have him as part of our cruise.

Now we are back in the cabin and I am almost caught up on my writing. I am looking forward to Fanning Island tomorrow so I had better get some sleep now. We only have 6 hours there so we had better make it count.

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