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Formal Night

Same routine today as every other, except I spent a little more energy at the gym. I seem to be getting stronger. I have decided not to drink alcohol at all for the duration of this trip. I had been getting into the red wine a little too often back in Canada every time there was a hockey game on. Now that I don’t know if the Oilers are winning or losing, I find no trigger to drink. I am finding my tummy aches have all but disappeared and I wonder if its the probiotics I have been taking or the lack of booze in my body. Either way, my stamina has returned and I can really push it in the gym.

During our afternoon library time, I decided to research Hawaii since we are arriving tomorrow. I had tried to organize a visit with my long lost friend McKenzie before I left the mainland. We didn’t come up with any solid plans and I haven’t heard from her for some time so I assumed she was busy. A few months ago she survived a shark attack while surfing. She had to get surgery and I imagined that all the stress was overwhelming. Besides I realized when I looked at the map, that she would have to drive almost two hours to Hilo since she lives on the other side of the BIG island. Still a little tiny piece of me held a bit of hope, that somehow we would still be able to meet up. I miss her.

Tonight is formal night, so we decided to wash some clothes, thinking it would be less busy in the laundry room. Boy was I wrong! That place was packed, I guess everyone had the same idea. We napped until we could get a spot in one of the coin operated washers. It’s really nice to be able to launder your own clothes rather than pay for the expensive ship laundry services. On a month-long voyage, its really necessary to wash clothes, unless you pack your entire wardrobe. As it is, we will be recycling some of our formal clothes being that there are 6 formal nights.

Dinner was delicious with yummies such as garlic buttered escargot and tender seafood on offer. We decided to pack it in early since we would be an early morning. Our first port! I was so excited about getting to Hawaii I tossed and turned. Finally I drifted into a light sleep.

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