Fat Tuesday

I was excited to see juicy plump blueberries on my breakfast tray this morning. You can request just about anything on a cruise ship but its hit and miss if you actually get it or not. Last night, when I was filling out the room service order, I dreamed how nice it would be to have blueberries with my morning yogurt. I wrote it down and drew a little picture of a bowl of berries, just to be clear. This morning, not only did we get blueberries but a fresh flower in a mini vase graced our tray! I guess they like drawings. I am already planning what I will draw them tonight.

The gym was quiet again, except for someone who was using “my” pilates machine for a leg press. I was annoyed while I waited, secretly scolding him in my head for misusing the equipment. When he was done, he cleaned the machine and cheerfully remarked how great the show was last night. As he made small talk, his bubbly attitude and positive energy completely disarmed me. Last night, he had been sitting next to us and I thought he was going to dance right off his seat. He was especially exuberant during the sing-along parts. I realized he was a really nice guy and felt ashamed for having judged him in my head.

After showers and lunch, we headed to the culinary demo, but quickly learned it wasn’t for us. The young lady was demonstrating all sorts of natural beauty techniques using lemons, yogurt, cucumber, and the like. It was nothing new for me and I wasn’t crazy about how she presented. I had to catch my tongue several time so I wouldn’t sound like a know-it-all correcting her obvious misinformation. It was clear she had memorized a book somewhere but several of the old ladies were drinking it up so I let it be. Michael and I wandered into the Hawaii talk in the theater. They were telling about all the creatures of the islands and I learned that there are no snakes in Hawaii. Bonus! I don’t love snakes.

At night we participated in the Mardi Gras festivities going on around the ship. There were lots of sparkly hats, colorful masks, and hundreds of beads being gifted around. People were in a good mood and I lasted for a short time before we headed back to the room to catch some Zzzs. Those old folks sure do know how to party once you get a few drinks into them!

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