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Fat Tuesday

I was excited to see juicy plump blueberries on my breakfast tray this morning. You can request just about anything on a cruise ship but its hit and miss if you actually get it or not. Last night, when I was filling out the room service order, I dreamed how nice it would be to have blueberries with my morning yogurt. I wrote it down and drew a little picture of a bowl of berries, just to be clear. This morning, not only did we get blueberries but a fresh flower in a mini vase graced our tray! I guess they like drawings. I am already planning what I will draw them tonight.

The gym was quiet again, except for someone who was using “my” pilates machine for a leg press. I was annoyed while I waited, secretly scolding him in my head for misusing the equipment. When he was done, he cleaned the machine and cheerfully remarked how great the show was last night. As he made small talk, his bubbly attitude and positive energy completely disarmed me. Last night, he had been sitting next to us and I thought he was going to dance right off his seat. He was especially exuberant during the sing-along parts. I realized he was a really nice guy and felt ashamed for having judged him in my head.

After showers and lunch, we headed to the culinary demo, but quickly learned it wasn’t for us. The young lady was demonstrating all sorts of natural beauty techniques using lemons, yogurt, cucumber, and the like. It was nothing new for me and I wasn’t crazy about how she presented. I had to catch my tongue several time so I wouldn’t sound like a know-it-all correcting her obvious misinformation. It was clear she had memorized a book somewhere but several of the old ladies were drinking it up so I let it be. Michael and I wandered into the Hawaii talk in the theater. They were telling about all the creatures of the islands and I learned that there are no snakes in Hawaii. Bonus! I don’t love snakes.

At night we participated in the Mardi Gras festivities going on around the ship. There were lots of sparkly hats, colorful masks, and hundreds of beads being gifted around. People were in a good mood and I lasted for a short time before we headed back to the room to catch some Zzzs. Those old folks sure do know how to party once you get a few drinks into them!

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Rocking and Rolling

I woke up from a broken sleep because I kept falling in the crack all night. On most cruise ships, staterooms have two single beds that can be pushed together to make a queen. This makes it easier for them to sell a room to couples or friends. Anyway, inevitably the queen bed inches apart throughout the night, especially with the rocking of the ship and the rolling of the people in the beds. So by morning, someone (usually me) is wedged into a valley the size of the Grand Canyon. There was one cruise line that figured it out and had a nice thick memory foam mattress topper that kept this from happening. Not this one. On many ships, people in the know can request an “egg carton” which is one of these foam egg cartony mattress toppers.  Because of their age and flimsy nature, they don’t tend to solve the problem if you happen to be an active sleeper like me.

In the beginning, our room steward tried to take a short cut by shoving a bunch of towels in-between the beds but that failed miserably. The

next night we insisted on the egg carton and it was marginally better. I am seriously considering finding some string or rope somewhere so we can tie the beds together. I will find a way to McGuyver that bed, if its the last thing I do.

We ate up our room service delivery then made our way up to the gym. I seem to be getting stronger, even just after a couple days. It’s really nice to feel results even if I can’t quite see them yet. The best part of this gym is that they have a pilates rack. I love that I can play on it after the treadmill as its one of the best stretches I can get. It’s so gentle on my muscles and since its fun, I tend to get more of workout  than if I were going it alone on a mat.

I had a bath and the we went up for lunch where I had salad and fish again. The fish had bones today so I didn’t eat it and stuck to the greens. We spent some time in the library in our favorite chairs before deciding to go to the Dutch Tea service in the dining room. It turned out to be mostly sweets and pastries so we could look but not touch. We had one of each of the four savory offerings, smoked salmon, egg salad, brie, and smoked ham. The tea was nothing special but the view sure was. We got a table for two by the window so we were able to watch the waves roll off the side of the ship. The captain had mentioned in his daily update that the swell would increase for the next 24 hours. He warned us that by tonight we could reach 16 foot waves.

After tea time, we tried at the jigsaw puzzle in the library and I was able to fit in two pieces, contributing to the group effort. I felt another serge of energy so we went for about 10 laps around the ship on the promenade deck. Every four laps is equal to one mile and it’s nice to have the seas throbbing around you. By now, the ship was really bouncing in the active ocean so I was glad our walk was even more intense. It takes a lot more muscle to stabilize and keep balance when the ship is so rocky. We had worked up quite a sweat by the end so we returned into our cabin for a shower before dinner.

Dinner was tasty and we got what is becoming our usual table. We made it to the show which turned out to be a tribute to the Beatles. It was a talented young man who was accompanied by the HALcats, the ships band. Half way through the show, the singers wife came out on stage and stole the show. It was a cute act, and I was impressed by how many songs he sang that I knew. I remember singing “I’d like to be, under the sea, in an octopuses garden, in the waves” when I was in kindergarden. It was one of my favorite songs! Did you know they have over 200 songs? And this guy knew every one of them. Infact, he challenged the audience to stump him, and it couldn’t be done.

We got another movie which we didn’t even finish, before we drifted off to sleep. The ship was really moving and I didn’t sleep well because of it. There were times that I thought I would roll right out of bed! I propped a couple pillows around me like a nest. It was a rough night indeed. My poor flower fell out of her glass when it tipped over. I decided it was time to take her out and dry her upside-down so I would have her for the rest of the trip. Our leis are still doing ok although I think another couple days and they will be over. No matter, since by then we will be in Hawaii. Then there will be no shortage of tropical flowers and fresh leis.

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