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Baths at sea

Woke up at 7am when room service began rapping at the door. We thought because the clocks went back last night, that we should order breakfast early. I was too tired and groggy to enjoy the egg white omelette so I spooned the yogurt into my mouth before crawling back into bed. We watched a show about Supermarkets on the TV while we cuddled in bed, then finally readied ourselves for our two hour gym session.

After the gym, I took a bath (yes, a bathtub on a cruise ship is a very luxurious thing) while Michael tried to shave. He discovered that the outlet in our bathroom was non functioning so he wandered out into the cabin to trim his beard. One complain is that so many cruiseships have one outlet in a cabin. One. Not even a double outlet but one single outlet. It’s not very efficient and I wonder who planned out the electrical. Clearly not anyone living in the 21 century. We had thought about bringing a power bar onboard and now I wish we would have.

After lunch, we went to the library once again. I guess the two hour work outs are having an impact because we were both very tired. We played a little bit of Yahtzee and Apples to Apples while the maintenance man fixed the air conditioning in the room. We decided to take a little nap before dinner, but the nap lasted longer than we expected. We were an hour late for our reservation so we decided to skip dinner in the main dining room in favor of the buffet upstairs. The food is generally the same but the presentation is not. I had swai fish, asparagus and a big salad.

Its becoming our habit to peruse the shops after dinner. Since nothing ever changes except the “Scent of the Day”, we usually end up playing in the fragrance section. Today the actual tester had gone missing so we tested a few other flavors. We joked around and got silly all the while listening to the lounge singer crooning his version of Stings “Fields of Gold”. I love that song. After we were properly scented, perhaps a little too much, we continued on to the theater for the show. I was a little self conscious that the people sitting near us would be offended by our enthusiasm in the perfume shop…but then I remembered the mean age on the ship. If they could smell it, it would be competing with their own over perfumed selves. Why do old people always bathe in perfume?

The theater was very small and more like a lounge with a stage. I found it quite quaint and personal. Tonights act was a comedian so I steeled myself for the pain. I generally do not find comedians very funny. Majority of them resort to simple minded potty humor or illicit nervous laughter with the shock value of xxx jokes. It’s rare to find a true talented comic who can find the fine line between tasteful and trashy, edgy and offensive, and sarcastic and cruel. I always give a chance though. One.

The guy came on stage and started out with a bunch of impressions. He was not half bad at it, if only I knew half the people he was impersonating. The ones I did know, he nailed. His Jack Nicholson was spot on and as Tom Jones was creepily accurate slithering around the ladies in the front row. He made fun of a few different locales but stayed away from the Canadians. Wise choice, since majority of the crowd seemed to be from the Great White North. It’s hard to offend us Canucks, we are tough. But I think its easy to hurt our feelings, even if we don’t show it and the older generations are softer still. He made a lot of old people jokes and the crowd loved it.

We skipped the opening of the Tiki Bar which was happening up on the lido deck. They were offering free jello shots with every drink…no one needs to see a pile of 80 year olds hopped up on jello shots. We borrowed a movie, Zodiac, from the movie library and retired to our cabin. The movie was creepy especially because it was based on a true story. But I really enjoyed watching the sets and the scenery as it took place in the Bay Area. I loved that I could recognize half the locations it was shot because I had been there and in some cases, lived down the street. I tried to put the disturbing movie out of my mind as I fell asleep, so I wouldn’t have bad dreams.

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