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Love is…25 months!

Love is surprise kisses on the escalator and at traffic lights.

Love is making promises…and keeping them.

Love is hearing “Not yet” twenty times, but never getting discouraged, never giving up.IMG_7244

Love is reminding him to change his shirt.

Love is thinking ahead and seeing him in all my dreams.

Love is what helps making commitments less scary.

Love is letting me have the heater on even when he is sweating up a storm.

IMG_8605Love is noticing when he needs something that is not necessary and not judging him for it.

Love is finding me the flowers that never seem to die.

Love is how he always opens the door AND buckles me in, no matter what kind of hurry we are in.

Love is hearing me, even when I don’t remember saying it out loud.

Love is making my toothbrush for me every night.

Love is giving me choices. Because I need to have choices.

Love is supporting each other even when we don’t agree.

Love is trying. And not giving up.

IMG_7980Love is making time to play.

Love is not rubbing it in when I am wrong.

Love is letting pick my side of the bed when ever we go somewhere new.

Love is always saying please and thank you and being polite to each other.

Love is finding someone to travel with who is adventurous as me.

20140908_012021 (1)

Love is worrying when he is gone too long and crying with relief when he comes back.

Love is inspiring silliness in each other.

Love is never getting angry at my “tests”.

Love is embracing my inner Crumella, even though she can be so crummy.

Love is being able to throw my clothes on the floor immediately when we get in the door because I know he will pick them up with out complaining so long as I am comfortable.

Love is protecting me from the pushy people. Or protecting them from me.

Love is never judging my strange (but more efficient) ways of doing things.

Love is learning how to trust.

10338345_10154181014875175_3173644521875535165_nLove is making sure I am hydrated.

Love is saying Yes and meaning it.

Love is feeling bad when I am too harsh.

Love is letting him have my radio.

Love is overcoming those pesky trigger issues together.

Love is remembering how I like it and recreating it for me next time, before I even have to ask.

Love is reminding me that its ok not to know.

Love is finding someone who inspires me to be a better person.

Love is adjusting my whole life because I can’t imagine him not in it.

imageLove is taking turns encouraging each other when there is doubt.

Love is when you feel proud to hold his hand.

Love is worrying about him more than I worry about me.

Love is letting me have all the middles while he eats all the crusts.

Love is discovering a better side that I didn’t know existed.

Love is us both remembering the same little details that most people would forget.

Love is waking me up from my bad dreams.

Love is not wanting to be apart for long.

Love is finding my inner goddess and being encouraged to express her.

Love is playing games together. And not having to win every time.20131216_131501

Love is being comfortable with being confused sometimes.

Love is not perfect and is quite messy at times.

Love is remembering to be grateful.

Love is having a good sense of self but wanting to share everything with each other.

Love is knowing you will never run out stories to tell each other because you help each other remember.

20130407_161954 (1)Love is understanding and indulging my bizarre obsession with cats.

Love is taking the day off together.

Love is forgetting about all the “reasons” you had to be angry.

Love is squeezing my hand when he feels I am nervous.

Love is taking the time to celebrate together.

Love is when he lets me be the DJ and professes to love my musical taste.

Love is remembering your anniversary.

Love is trusting that I know where I am going and letting me lead the way.

Love is letting him have the better seat so he can have the full experience.IMG_2114

Love is being treated like a Princess.

Love is taking risks.

Love is taking candid photos taking photos of each other to capture special moments.

Love is finding him in a crowd of people and suddenly feeling safe.

Love is admiring his body and how he moves.

Love is always learning from each other.

Love is knowing that this is not going to end anytime soon.

Love is somehow getting past the unforgivable.

Love is accepting the past and letting it go.

Love is being able to be myself and feel good about it.

Love is believing in each other.1186718_10153168878780175_185327846_n

Love is 25 months that feel like a lifetime.

Happy anniversary Hunnybunny!

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