Well it has been a while. I have had alot going on. But that is no excuse. I guess I have been trying to come to terms with the idea of not traveling for awhile. Its be a daunting process. And I am not doing such a good job of it. I keep finding reasons to keep going. Albeit they are rather good reasons, I am still straying from my plan.

After the Middle East, India, Nepal and Turkey (only because of the earthquake…otherwise Turkey was fabulous) I was spent. I just wanted to come home and rest. But that was not going to happen since I had committed to volunteering for a couple festivals that are dear to my heart. As soon as I touched down, my Dad had a health scare which jarred me a bit. Then I kept  busy with the planning and doing of Astral Harvest. I love this festival and this year it was super awesome since I had an integral role. It was also quite exhausting. In a good way, ofcourse.

Next I worked on finishing the book. And it was more of an effort than I originally thought. I began really taking pride in it and wanting it to be something decent. I didn’t change the essence but I did add quite a bit and refined it where I could. I had alot of support and help, directly and indirectly. I am pretty sure I couldn’t have done it alone or if I tried, it would have been a disaster. When I finally finished, it was like an end of an era. I felt I did my best and it was a good (not perfect) piece of work. My first book. I think of it as my only book but now that I have learned the process, I may take another stab one day.

When all was sent off to the printer, I rested for a quick minute before I began having tenant and house problems. They were pretty severe so I ended up selling one of my properties. I have to say this was one of the biggest reliefs of the decade. I have been wanting to offload this troublesome house for years but never had a good opportunity. Finally it presented itself on a silver platter. It was alot of work and quite a bit of stress but in the end I listed it just days before leaving for Burning Man. I  let it go and hoped for the best.

Drove down to the Nevada desert to attend my favorite week of the year. I went early so I could help with pre-event. The drive down was peaceful and I really enjoyed the drive once I got my car actually working right. Again, I had some awesome help from friends and family. I am so lucky to be so supported. I stopped in Bend to stay with a fellow Ranger and pick up my shipment of books. It was a surreal experience to see all these boxes of my creation. I was excited and nervous to give them to my supporters on the playa. When I signed the first one, I felt weird and wonderful.

I drove myself down to Black Rock City which was slowly building itself. I was so excited to be home. There weren’t many of my friends there yet so I spent the first few days just remembering. That didn’t last long before I began connecting with all my playa family. I was really looking forward to my first shift doing dispatch. I like to feel needed and somewhat helpful, even though those first few shifts were quite quiet. I was still nervous about my skills and whether I could “do it right” so coming pre-event was perfect. I had several awesome shifts and began really finding my groove. Then all my friends started showing up!

To be continued…


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