Tranquility – Olympos, Turkey

Yes I am supposed to be working on the book now. But since I haven’t posted in sometime I thought this would be a worthwhile distraction. I will finish the posts regarding the trek and everything up to and in between. But first I have to settle this book.

Right now it is 9am and the whole place is quiet, still sleeping save for the animals. One of the cats is climbing a tree and another is supervising. One dog is dreaming on the deck of one of the wooden cabins and the other is guarding the kitchen door. One of the peacocks is standing on the roof of the tallest cabin surveying the land but hasn’t begun calling for her mate yet. Its a very loud noise when she does and i wonder if she is actually being considerate of those trying to sleep in. A small ant just crawled diagonally across the screen, pausing on the p directly above and is now heading towards my cup of tea. I haven’t checked on the new kittens yet but perhaps I will save that for a later distraction.

Peaceful paradise

I have given myself a strict schedule to finish the editing of the book. I have purposely placed myself in a very isolated paradise like setting. No one here speaks English and there is nothing to do other than lay in the hammock or hike through the forest. The air was muggy this morning as I emerged from my cabin and sure enough the clouds burst forth a sun shower freshening up the light breeze.

I am so glad to have found this place a year ago. My Olympos family provides a safe haven for me to completely relax. It’s very rare for me to feel the complete absence of pressure. I am very sensitive to the slightest tension or heaviness in the air. I have learned to manage it over the years but it is a godsend to be able to immerse myself in absolute calm. I told them last time I had to leave that I would be back to work on my book. At the time it was a pipe dream. I really had no intention on publishing a book it was easier to say that than explain the endless amount of work I have to do to perfect my blog. I didn’t really know that would actually come true to the letter. Almost exactly one year later here I am doing just as I promised. And it is a real book. I am quite surprised and pleased to be able to show such integrity. In any case, I had better be mindful about what I tell people…lately things have been manifesting quite quick and accurately.

Yesterday I had a bit of a melt down when I realized i lost my memory stick with all my work somewhere back in Nepal. But I have recovered and am determined to move forward despite the setback. I have eight days to power through this before i have to get a boat to sail around the coast of southern Turkey. I had better earn that reward.

Now I suppose I had better get back to the task at hand.

Grateful for allowing.

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