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Right into the Yoga – Rishikesh, India

On the plane to Dehradun, I was overwhelmed with the feeling I got gazing out the window at the landscape. I got really excited and almost emotional about the mountains. I know they are not as grand as my Rockies back home but something about it all gave me serious nostalgia. I shared a taxi with a couple of hippies and felt lighter the closer we got to Rishikesh. I can’t say if it is the leafy trees or the clear mountain air, but I was feeling really energized. I got dropped off at the Ram Joola bridge and I crossed over to where would be my home for the next three weeks.

I found my yoga hall pretty easily and wandered in while they were in the middle of a class. Having had a long day of travel, I decided a few asanas would be just what the doctor ordered. I was surprised at my ambition since normally I would make finding a place to sleep first and foremost. It couldn’t be that hard, I reasoned to myself as I stretched myself into the familiar postures. I was pleased at how similar the class was to the one I had taken in Thailand. This was going to be a piece of cake!


When I finally got myself together to find lodging, things proved harder than I anticipated. I went from hotel to guesthouse to ashram and they were all full. I felt deflated and disheartened. As a weary traveler coming to a new place, it’s not a good feeling to hear “There is no room for you”. It’s like being rejected over and over and over. I know its not personal but when you are hungry and tired, you begin to imagine that it is.

In the end, I was offered a beautiful room way at the end of the road a bit out of the way. But the place was sparkling and felt really good. I unpacked my stuff and make myself right at home as I gazed out my balcony overlooking the whole town, river and mountains. The staff was genial and helpful, and one of them is even named Happy. Turns out there is a yoga school and the only reason I got a room was because one of the students left early. I felt lucky and safe as I fell asleep that night wrapped up in my heavy warm quilts.

Grateful for a room with a view.

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