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Stumbling into Hampi – India

The young men bought me a chai at the station and helped me get on the train. I was so relieved but also exhausted. I was so glad I had an upper berth so I could sleep. image

The benches were over packed and had I been down there elbowing for space for the next 8 hours, I surely wouldn’t have made it. I dozed in and out but could completely relax since random hands would sometimes grab at me.

It was very upsetting but then I realized that it may not have been on purpose but more of a people steadying themselves as they made their way down the narrow corridors. In any case, I felt exposed and promised myself I would not choose the highly trafficked upper side berth again.

I got through the train ride which I moderately enjoyed and disembarked in Hospet. I shared an autorickshaw with a couple of Frenchies and then walked the short jaunt to the river. There I hopped on a rickety motorboat with about 20 other foreigners. It was a treacherously situation boarding the boat and I slipped badly bruising my shin. I was a little saddened that no one even flinched much less offered to help.image

They all just watched me with a bored look on their faces as I stumbled and almost tumbled into to water. The loud obnoxious boat stopped in the middle of the river while the money collector made sure we had all paid the 15 rupees. I was glad to get off on the other side promising myself I wouldn’t go through that again until it was time to leave.

I wandered up the dirt road looking for a place to stay. I talked to several guesthouses and toured a bunch of rooms but
nothing felt right. I just wasn’t feeling this place. I walked and walked and at this point, was getting quite tired. I finally doubled back and just checked into one of the less shabby ones.

There were small babies onsite which promised an early morning but I didn’t care. I just needed to rest. I wandered a bit more after dropping my stuff to find something to eat. I ended up with an absurdly delicious falafel from Dudu’s. The Indian guy making them (not called Dudu) was super friendly and I was relieved to finally have some light shone on me. Afterwards, I padded back to my room and collapsed into bed.

Grateful for do it yourself sauce.

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