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Trance, Dance, and Pyrotechnics – Arambol, India

Many bars and clubs are getting around the no-noise-at-night law by hosting day parties from ten till ten. I haven’t attended any since I generally find it too hot in the midday sun. Would you believe after five months away, I still don’t have a tan? I guess that’s what you get from traveling in countries where women are expected to cover up. Indian ladies here go in the sea fully clothed while the men wear skimpy underwear. There seems to be a serious shortage of swimsuits because I have yet to see an Indian man wearing them. The worst is when they wear tighty whiteys…no, strike that…worse is the teeny bikini type worn by those men who have indulged in a few too many gulab jamen. There is such a gross dichotomy between the timid covered women’s modesty and the men strutting around exposing themselves shamelessly.

The other day, there was a party a couple beach shacks up from where I stay and I rallied the troops. I knew it wouldn’t go on late so we started dinner early then made it to the party at around 8pm. We had two hours of phenomenal psy-trance laced with glitch hop and a bit of dub step thrown in for good measure. I was moved by the bassline and couldn’t help but get down and dirty on the vibrating sand dance floor. We all kicked off our flip flops and let the beat take over stomping around barefoot on the beach.

It was a hell of a party and I was completely sober.  Just when I didn’t think I could get any higher, the fireworks exploded directly above us. This went on for about a half hour and brought the energy through the roof…well, if there were a roof…we were dancing under the stars. I passed on the celebratory chocolate cake that was being served since I am off sugar for the time being. It’s a good thing too, because we found out later it was a really potent space cake. Unfortunately, a couple of my crew had given in to their sweet tooth and had gone for seconds. They were out of commission for the next two days.

Grateful for dance therapy.

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