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Working hard – Arambol, India

Today the others rented scooters and went off to explore some beaches in the area. I opted to stay home and work on the book. It looks like I am not going to hit my target to publish it as I would have liked. My funding on Indie-Go-Go is still lagging far behind, only a month left and am not quite at a quarter of my target. However, I am so encouraged by those who have donated, I feel inspired to produce something. I have already got the ISBN for the book and somehow, that makes it feel really official.

To cut down on costs, I have decided to edit the book myself. I have my neighbor Raminta to thank for generously lending her netbook to finish this project. If there is anyone who knows a graphic artist who would be willing to work with me on the book cover, please let me know. Re-reading my travels been quite an enlightening process and I am happy to report I am more than half done. I haven’t gotten rid of anything because I want stay true to the authenticity of what was written. I am even leaving some of the grammatical errors and words I “invented” that are not in the dictionary. It was how I thought so I don’t see the need to “fix” it. I am nowhere near perfect and the book is a reflection of me. It’s been somewhat dreamlike to relive these moments and I find myself being transported back to these countries, as if it were yesterday. The best part is that I have remembered a cluster of stories that for some reason or another I didn’t put in the blog. Some are actually quite juicy and now that I have some time and distance, I feel more comfortable revealing them. I am producing something special here and I am feeling proud of what I am going to be putting out.

I have been staying really committed to my health over the past month. I have discovered some affordable sources of organic wheatgrass, spirulina, and stevia. It’s made my candida detox (a must after a round of those nasty antibiotics) that much easier to be able to sweeten my Tulsi Ginger tea with cinnamon and stevia. Besides copious amounts of tea, my diet of late consists of a lot of coconut milk yogurt, eggs, spinach soup, garlic veggies, tandoori chicken, and surprisingly tasty spinach/cucumber/mint/lemon juice. Oh and I can’t forget my beloved Lemonana. This is my new favorite drink. It’s a blend of fresh mint and lemons. I sweeten it with the Stevia powder and it is extremely refreshing. I am known to drink two or three a day while doing internet at the beach shack where I get free internet while overlooking the ocean.

Grateful for support.

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