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Happy Friday’s – Arambol, India

This morning I am feeling so positive. I woke to some man next door making the most god awful puking noises. It was so intrusive that I could hear him crystal clearly even through my ear plugs. After feeling annoyed for a short time, I began feeling compassion for him as he hacked up a lung. I thanked the Universe for my good health and sent some healing energy his way. And I thanked this poor man for helping reinforce my commitment to health by reminding me the consequences of smoking and drinking in excess.

I got up and decided today was a good day to clean my room. I changed the sheets and swept before I settled in for a fruitful yoga session. Isa gave me her old mat and it fits perfectly in front of my bed. Now fully awake and in my body, I had a shower to rinse off any of yesterdays residual sand or oil. I get another massage today so I want to be fresh for it. I have already drunk and entire thermos of Tulsi ginger tea. I had better stop imbibing liquids now or I will be on and off the table like a jack-in-the-box.

Dinner last night was edible but I don’t think I will ever go back to the Mexican place Bee’s Knees again. The food was only subpar and the service was atrocious. I tried to hail the server at one point and he just waved back cheekily ignoring my call. Plus we had to wait almost two hours for our food but we knew going in that their timing was exceptionally bad. Also never under any circumstances try a coffee lassie. I have no idea what I was thinking but after adding heaps of chocolate and sugar, I was able to choke it down.

Oh I just realized it’s Friday! Another reason to be happy. I have always loved Fridays. I used to so look forward to them when I worked in an office. All the fun things happened on Fridays and we were allowed to dress casual. The anticipatory energy about the upcoming weekend builds all the day and people are usually in high spirits. Even though I don’t work the nine to five anymore, I still feel the excitement in the air.

Grateful for experiencing higher energy levels.

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