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Best Job Ever: Massage Model – Arambol, India

This morning I lazed in bed for a while since I had a bit of a broken sleep last night. Even though I went to bed early, I had a hard time finding a comfortable place for my head. These hard pillows are no longer tolerable with my new do. I had a sensitive scalp to begin with so it has been trying but I imagine these dreads will toughen it up a bit. Plus there was a cockroach the size of a small dog that jumped on me when I went to the bathroom in the night. I trapped it under the trash bin and in the morning the houseman took it out using my pink flip flops as makeshift tweezers. This thing was massive!

 I went to my favorite juice place and ordered my usual. I get a glass of thick papaya (30 rupees) and a glass of refreshing healthy carrot (25 rupees), no ice no sugar, and then I dump them both into my thermos which has ice in it already. Sometimes I go crazy and get mango or pineapple but it always tastes amazing. I know the produce is always fresh because I see them run across the lane to buy it from the fruit guy right after I order. It can take up to an hour to finally get my sweet nectar but honestly, it’s the best deal in town. I feel like I am getting healthier by the minute.

Minta (my Lithuanian neighbor) has started a month long Ayurvedic course which includes massage. She needs a model to work on and I happily obliged. Oh the things I do for my friends 😉 So almost every day I get a couple hours of very slippery massage, sometimes four hands working on me at once. The room temperature is just right and I am so glad they don’t have a fan. All I get to wear is this very primitive brown paper g-string which believe me, is not very sexy. A part of me wonders why we even bother with the paper underwear as the young male teacher is always having to adjust it. I dealt with my shyness today when they did front massage. There is nothing covering my girls but honestly, it wasn’t really sensual so I didn’t feel weird at all. They use more than a cup of oil on me a day so you can imagine how soft my skin is getting.

I am feeling almost completely over my respiratory infection and am just about finished my meds. I will be glad to be over them because I hate taking pills. I am so protective of my health now that I will leave a place if it is too smoky and am quite particular whose hand I will shake. If I don’t have my health, I have nothing. Another reason I have decided to dread my hair is the commitment it takes. It’s a reminder of the high level of self care that I am working towards. It is important for me to stay clean inside and out or my dreads will hold the memory, if not show it outwardly. Everyone has seen someone with nasty stinky dreadhead adding more credence to the term “dirty hippy”. Well that will never be me.

Tonight we go for Isa’s going away dinner then I will join the Brit couple and Vicky for a thankyou dinner. Better space out my eating. I think I will go for a walk on the beach beforehand to work up a bit of an appetite. I am feeling a little down about the Burning Man ticket lottery and want to process these feelings I have about the direction this affair seems to be going. A lot of hardcore more than decade longer Burners I know did not get “chosen” and I have to question if I even want to go if all my favorite people won’t be there. It’s beginning to feel like an elitist event and that goes against my morals and values. I am all for change and evolution but something feels off so I need to explore whether I want to contribute my energy to what it is becoming.

Grateful for being a massage model.

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