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Bathing Beauties – Arambol Beach, India

I am just having breakfast for lunch in the restaurant near my house. It’s 120 rupees (just over two dollars) for eggs, porridge, fresh fruit, yogurt, and tea. It’s no competition for the fruit salad at Happy Banana but I already had that one this morning. I am trying to load up on fruits, vegetables and soups until I am completely recovered. But today I felt a little bit of protein would do me a bit of good. Last night I felt somewhat out of sorts perhaps due to my light eating. I don’t do too much in a day but it seems to be a lot of walking much of it in the sand.

The other morning we woke up early (ish) and made the hike to sweet lake.  Raminta and Isabella led the way around the cliffside as I had never been there before.  We passed lots of little shops much like the ones in town but more peaceful and chilled out. The prices seemed around the same but then again, I am not a big shopper. We padded down the dirt pathway as I gazed out at the white surf crashing on the rocky shoreline. The huts and rooms on this side are most certainly a lot more quiet but along with isolation comes more risk. I considered moving over here for about a minute then let the thought move on. Seclusion is not necessary at this point.

We climbed through the jungle finally coming to our intended destination. Mud baths! There was a small freshwater stream which we borrowed water from to make a paste of the light yellow soft clay we had scraped from the rockface. We smeared it all over our faces and made a lovely exfoliating scrub for our bods. We giggled while we made sure each other were muddy head to toe definitely engaging our inner children. Isa made sure my back was covered while Minta made some more of the smooth gooey paste.

While we were waiting for our mud to dry thus detoxifying us, we were visited by some curious eyes. A young man with a long beard and his bright eyed baby were taking a stroll along the pathway for their morning wash in the lake. The little boy stopped amused and interested probably wondering what these crazy yellow mud women were laughing about. We supposed that they were some of the hippies who live here in the bush, completely unaffected by society. Their energy was extraordinarily calm and the bond between the father son was tangible as they mimicked forests sounds at each other.

We washed off in the cool water occasionally feeling the heat of a sunbeam which had found its way through the palm leaves. Afterwards we only partially dressed for the five minute jaunt to the lake where we could lounge around in the “sweet” water. It was idyllic to hear the crashing of the ocean waves just hundred feet away from where I was floating in the still lake. We noshed on some banana and pineapple prepared for us by the fruit lady who happened to be walking past. After a quick tea at the nearby beach shack we parted ways to get on with our day promising to meet up at the sunset drum circle.

Grateful for loving nature.

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