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Delays – Gulf of Oman

I kept myself busy over the next few days painting my heart out. It wasn’t far off until our exhibition and I wanted to make sure I had something good to show for it. In the end I painted: a European town by night, a man from Yemen sitting on a donkey, people walking in a snowy park, a really bad mosque that ended up looking like a submarine or ship but certainly not a mosque nor anything great, and my favorite, a tigerfish (not my choice but a personal challenge by teacher). By the end I had lost my inspiration and had bored myself. I tried to squeeze out one more but it wasn’t happening so I just mounted the ones I had and called it a day.

I attended the lecture I had been waiting for all cruise called “Nomads of the 21st Century” by Dr. Malcolm Hunter. I sat there in awe as his words kept resonating deep within my soul. Sure he was talking about tribes and people from all around the world but they had so much in common with me. For once I felt understood, and it made some kind of sense why I feel so compelled to move. As I gazed into the eyes of the peoples he presented in his slideshow which covered nomads of Africa and Asia, I felt kinship. I related so strongly to what he was talking about I asked him and his wife Jean for lunch afterwards. We shared stories and I promised I would take them up on their invitation to visit them at their Nomadness Ranch in California.

We had so many problems on this voyage with timing and missing ports all together that we weren’t surprised to hear our path altered again. The captain announced that we would be delayed once again delaying our arrival to our next port by about 10 hours. The plus was that we would overnight there but that was little consolation since it really botched our plans. Many people had to cancel their plans and others were concerned about making the trip into the impoverished town at night.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing. I guess a part of me was a bit worried about my first impressions of India being compromised. But as long as we arrived in the light, I would be able to convince myself to go out into town. I decided to check out the entertainment which was not something I have been doing. I really enjoyed that the shows are all done in a very small intimate venue as opposed to the huge theatres on other ships. The dancers did quite a lot with their limited amount of space. However I still really enjoy my alone time and quiet space so I usually retire to my room after dinners. I drew a bath and relaxed while I wondered what was waiting for me in India.

Grateful for circumstance.







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