Retirement ship – Gulf of Aden

This morning I was feeling quite low and I couldn’t really put my finger on why. I still don’t really know but dark cloud seems to have lifted. I had my normal breakfast then I forced myself to the gym. It was extra quiet today so Rosemary and I got to have a real heart to heart. I asked her the question I always ask of older marrieds and her answer was the same.

The secret to a good marriage is good communication.

After the gym I showered and by now it was time for lunch. I found my way to the dining room and got through most of my meal when Lee showed up. He has been in choir practice for the past week and I guess tomorrow is their big show. I waited for him to catch up and we both had dessert together. He had a strawberry creamy flan and a coffee cake which was much more like tiramisu than anything else. I opted for the stuffed baked apple replacing the custard with yogurt to make it a tad healthier. It was so yummy I decided to see if they could save one for my supper dessert. I didn’t want to seem too demanding so I turned on my charm full blast and thought of how I could word this right. Before I even got the request out of my mouth, our mind reading waiter guessed what I wanted! These guys are serious about their service.

That is one really amazing thing about this particular ship. The level of care that I have witnessed has been something very unique. I have been observing closely and have been so impressed with some of the incidents I have seen. On more than one occasion I have seen staff asking the more golden oldies if they had eaten yet. Ofcourse I inferred this was because staff wanted to shut down the kitchen or clean up the buffet table. Only after I saw the elders bewildered eyes trying to remember, did I realize that this was necessary for some who may forget or miss meals if not prompted. I also saw a young waiter gently (and very diplomatically) guiding a lost and confused 95 year old back to her chair after she walked right past her table coming back from the washrooms. The predominantly Filipino staff remember favorites and preferences when their guests don’t and care just as nurses would in a retirement home. It’s a very safe and comfortable environment.

This is a close knit crowd and many of the guest have been on this ship before, many many times. Almost every one of them (and these are serious seasoned travelers, not typical circle cruisers) cite this as being their favorite ship. I now see why.

Grateful for elder care.







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