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Jordanian Road Trip – Jordan

The ladies were heading up to Petra then Aqaba which was pretty handy because that was exactly my plan. I checked and double checked that I wasn’t intruding or crashing their road trip to which they unanimously assured me was nowhere near the truth. We five piled into the SUV and began our Jordanian Road Trip.

We stopped into Salahs house were we met his wise mother and had some tea, which is the custom in most of the places here. Everyone invites you for tea, all the time. Its the way it is and this is a part of their culture that I just love. I have to admit, it sure does differ from the hurry hurry lifestyle we are accustomed to in North America. They are tiny tea cups so it’s not a huge commitment…therefore you most always comply. But even just that small cup gives you enough time to catch your breath and recenter. It’s very valuable and can really make a difference in the quality of your state of mind. Connection with others and reconnection with yourself. The ladies took this time to pray (they do this five times a day!) and I did a bit of internet. After a short time, we bid adieu to Alena and continued on our way North.

We stopped at the gas station and discussed the role women have in this culture. This was spurred by the fact that there was a man filling the car. I asked if this was a man thing or a service thing. I asked if we were allowed to fill up to which they admitted “Yes, but why would you? It is his job.”

As the man finished filling up we pulled over to the garage to the mechanic. We sat for some time while the attendant ignored us, even serving other vehicles who had arrived after us. Finally, when I realized we were only waiting to get air in our tires, i jumped out proclaiming proudly that I know how to do this. I was excited to get my hands dirty when the man rushed over all of a sudden spoiling my fun. We talked about the relationship between service and disability. I expressed my desire to work towards interdependence and temper my “i-am-an-island” tendencies.

Grateful for rhythm.




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