Recognition and Inspiration – Disi, Jordan

I woke up and felt an intense dry chill in the air. I snuggled in deeper and tried to ignore the impending day. finally my curiosity got the better of me and I rose to greet the others who had woke long before I had. I stretched and took a short wander to survey my surroundings. Now that the day had come, I was able to fully grasp the magnitude of the beauty which surrounded me. Though it was chilly in the shade of the valley, the camp was perfectly placed. It was shielded and guarded from anything and everyone. I felt very safe indeed.

I was drinking some tea and having a chat with Alena when four women joined us near the fire. I introduced myself and cheerfully inquired as to their story. I had heard that there were some mysterious Jordanian women who had roughed it in the back country last night. I was fascinated to know them and what they were about.

Lana, Ruba, Ban and Fatimah turned out to be four dynamic adventurous godesses. They were a little shy at first but I turned on my charm and they opened up like precious roses drinking in the sun. We all sat in a circle and shared a scrumptious breakfast of pita, jam, tahini, cheese, lebneh, halwa, cucumbers and tomatoes. And tea..we mustn’t forget the tea. yummers!

The conversation had me spellbound and it didn’t take long to realize these were some outstanding specimens of humanity. The energy we were generating between us was tangible. Groups of tourists who were visiting the Bedouin camp came and went intermittently, but we were oblivious as we drank tiny cups of tea and chattered away excitedly. The longer we talked the more apparent it became that these were women of high stature. Not only were they extremely intelligent but their modesty was striking. We talked about womens rights and how it was to grow up in the middle east. Together we concocted a plan for an innovative retreat that would attract women from all over the world. I get shivers right now just thinking about it.

At one point the conversation came back to me and they began to inquire about my travels. As I shared my experience, Lana became very animated asking me some pretty pointed questions. Then somewhat stunned, she informed me that she had been reading my writing for years. At first, I didn’t really get it. Surely she was mistaken and there was some other whereshegoes out there who she had followed around the world. It actually took some time for me to realize that this was one of my loyal readers who had allowed me into her heart and soul. We were both flabbergasted and didn’t quite know what to do with this unique serendipitous moment. Lana admitted that I had helped inspire her and that it was her dream to travel like me. I felt overwhelmed and strangely self conscious. Here is a phenomenal woman who knows me, accepts me, and believes in me! After the shock wore off (well in all honesty it still hasn’t even as I write this), we did the obvious…traveled together 🙂

Grateful for serendipity.20111114-094030.jpg




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  1. hardwiredhacking says:

    I told you that you had a pile of readers, and you were all like, “who would possibly do that?!” You found one! Hooray!!!

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