Hidden Wadi Ranch – Disi, Jordan

Alena dropped me off at her place to freshen up while she hurried off to talk to some people about a camel race. Yes, that is how they do it here in Jordan. I was a bit taken aback at her humble abode but after a short time, began to appreciate the simplicity. She came to retrieve me and we made our way with Salah, her Bedouin friend to his “kingdom”.

I admired the humongous rocks seemingly dropped smack in the middle of a vast sand desert. These are no little stones by the way. they tower like mountains but are less ranges than stand alone monuments of natures grandeur. We sped through the sandy dunes as I admired the way the moon lit up the landscape just enough to give me a taste. My mind naturally began to try to fill in the blanks but I resisted, allowing for the anticipation of the surprise tomorrow morning. I would for now just focus on the feeling of this place without the distraction of the eyes.

The camp (past Disi in the middle of nowhere) was nestled into a valley (wadi) and we were protected from any wind, though I am not sure there was any here or anywhere. It was like the earth ceased its rotation. The air was silent and still which almost made it seem like time had stopped. We noshed on a tasty rice, chicken and veggie mixture before feeding the rest to the two cats. We made a fire and drank some delightfully spiced (cardamom and cinnamon and ?) while we got to know each other. I taught Salah some cute word games like “see you later alligator – in a while crocodile” and “no way jose” then realized I had created a monster. He couldn’t get enough and implored me to teach him more. I wracked my brain then began to invent new ones…we created an Arabic response to Hello Jello…Merhaba Ali Baba.

We dragged some sleeping mats over to the fire and bundled ourselves up in piles of thick furry blankets. We chattered away until we all began to drift off. I watched the fire flicker as the cats gingerly tip toed around scouting out a nest for the night. I felt a great sense of peace while I basked in the serenity of the moment then I drifted off to sleep.

grateful for remoteness.





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