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Love Letter

Dear Breasts,

Thank you for being there for me. We have had a really long road and I know that I haven’t always been the greatest friend. I remember when we first met, I didn’t know quite what to make of you guys. I was confused and slightly scared at the fact that having you two in my life would change alot of things. And that now that you had arrived, you were not going anywhere anytime soon. It took me some time to get use to the idea but once I warmed up to you, you weren’t all that bad to have around. You made my shirts look better, you were interesting to go bra shopping with, and though you were a bit small compared to the others I had seen around, you seemed to suit my body. We matched.

Once I got over the fact that you were not getting any bigger, I began to enjoy the fact that I could run without a bra. I like that I could wear cute little tops and that you were most always perky. We had some really good times, especially when I discovered how sensitive you were. I know you didn’t like all of my boyfriends but the ones you liked, you adored.

Over the years, I guess I began to take you guys for granted. I regret to admit that there were times I even resented you. It was no fun to know that your kind were used to objectify women. It angered me to no end that some people could detatch the woman from her breasts. Something that started out sensual and soft and beautiful became crude and sleazy and downright violent. Yes, its true, I began to pretend you weren’t even there. I even began to see having you as being something of a weakness. I am ashamed to have blamed you for the ignorance of others.

It’s only been in the past few years that I have been coming to terms with the fact that we are a team…a family. I have to take care of you two. Remember the time we went to Burning Man and rode our bikes with the hundreds of other topless women in the middle of the desert? It was so scary at first but in no time at all, the feminine energy lifted us to a new place of empowerment. It was intoxicating to know we were capable of such things. That was the start.

I am aware I haven’t been diligent in taking special care of you two. I realize that I sometimes let myself get distracted with inconsequential matters. I guess some part of me just takes for granted that things will always run fine. And if there were a problem, it would be obvious right? Well, you guys are humble and enduring and long suffering. Maybe you are not screaming for attention like some of the others but that is no reason for me to neglect you. I am sorry.

I promise that from now on, we will have a monthly date and I will tend to you like the luscious flowers that you are. I will protect you from the baddies and together we will grow old together, happily, healthily.

Love Always


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