Springboard – Edmonton, Alberta

Since Turkey, I have come back home and sorted out my business. Infact, it all got done quite quickly once I was actually home. I then decided to take a trip across Canada hitting Toronto, Montreal, and Prince Edward Island. Then I flew over to San Fran where I hung out for a few short days before making my way to Napa to retrieve my car and trailer. I hung out in the vineyards and orchards before finally making the trek to Burning Man once again.

I arrived a week early this year and even got to see the Man go up. It was quite a moment indeed. However this year came with a few challenges. I ended up moving camps and discovering the Leopard Martini Lounge where I was welcomed with open arms. Martini Man matter of factly gave me my playa name, Caramel, which sounded sweet. So it is, I thought to myself, and wondered why it had taken four years to come up with something so obvious.

I also worked Black Rock City Emergency Dispatch shifts every few days which in all honesty, did a bit of a number on my energy levels. I also (being the keener that I am) completed Ranger training and worked my Alpha shift. I was super excited to graduate with the Ranger class of 2011 as Ranger Caramel. Again…sweet! I had a good burn and met some fine friends and reconnected with some others. Overall though, I think I will be more diligent about my time and energy management from now on. There is a tendency to try to do too much. I think I will make sure I have those “do nothing” days written in pen on next years schedule.

By Monday after my last shift, I was more than ready to leave the playa. I was exhausted driving to Reno and though I guzzled a Monster drink, I still hugged the wheel with all my might willing myself to stay awake just one more hour. I spent a couple days at a resort hotel in Reno before flying back to Montreal to cat/house sit for my China bound friend. I had a great three weeks pretending I was French although I ended up sick for most of it. C’est la vie.

I flew back to Reno, hopped in my car and roadtripped back along the coast towards Canada. I hit Seattle and Vancouver to visit friends before the all night drive through the mountains back into Edmonton. Truth be told, I was very excited to be able to store the car and the Trillium trailer for the winter. How nice not to have to look for parking for a year!

I am about to embark on a huge adventure, one I have been putting off for some time….India. I have been scrambling around doing visa applications and sorting through last minute admin stuffs. I am leaving in less than a week and I am not sure why I am not more excited. I feel very unprepared despite the 20 books I have out on loan from the library right now. I am starting to think this may be the kind of place one can not quite prepare for.

Grateful for getting home in time to leave again.

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