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Italy to Croatia by sea

Next I flew back to San Francisco where I spent a short week organizing myself and my stuff for my next adventure. I grabbed up my car from Lake Tahoe, zoomed down the Pacific Coast Highway latched on my Trillium and made the jaunt up past San Jose and Napa Valley to Clear Lake. After a short but sweet visit I entrusted my travel vehicles to my new friends to look after for a while until I could return. Next I flew over to London.

In London I was able to reunite with a long lost friend from Argentina. Ed (aka Max) was a large part of my past and I was curious to see how we would be with one another.. In some ways, nothing had changed. And yet in others, everything was different. We departed on a whirlwind trip around the Mediterranean. First we flew to Italy where we learned that the tower was indeed still leaning, pizza was still scrumptious and those Italians sure do know how to put on a good party. We had a blast at Carnival in ViaReggio where the floats and costumes are larger than life…truly a sight to behold.

Next we zipped over to a rainy Florence just for a night where we had decent food but terrible service. Early in the morning we made our way to Venice where we had just enough time to purchase some authentic masquerade gear before jumping on a cruiseship.

We sailed from Italy to Greece to Turkey to Croatia where we finally disembarked early. Truth be told, I couldn’t wait to get off the ship. Worst cruise I have ever been on. MSC. Don’t do it. You couldn’t PAY me to get on another on of their ships. After more than 30 cruises, I have finally experienced the worst of the worst. I guess it had to happen sometime. Ed and I got along pretty well which made the week go by relatively quickly. We stayed one night in Dubrovnik before we said our goodbyes and he flew back to London to work.

Grateful for masks.

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