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Tramping around Mount Cook

When we arrived in the village of Mount Cook, I was pleased that Stacy had arranged for me to stay in a house nearby. I was living with some of her workmates for a couple days which was more or less like living alone as they seemed to work all the time. Two guys though…lets just say I felt a lot of satisfaction from cleaning up their place for them. It was one of those very dramatic before and afters.

Luckily the weather which had been iffy, cleared up quite nicely just in time for a hike. Stacy and I lagged behind all the while Billy was yelling at us to come on. It wasn’t the nicest and I began to get quite agitated. I knew that if I hurried up much more that I would surely hurt myself. I tried to tune out his drill sargent like barking but mostly felt sorry for Stacy, who he was picking on every time she took a few seconds break. I didn’t dare stop as I didn’t want to be a target for his insults.

When we reached Sealy Lakes I decided to let the two go on up to Mueller Hut while I took a break. I soaked up the stunning view and congratulated myself on a job well done. After a while, it started to rain a bit so I began making my way down. At first I was a bit too exuberant hopping from boulder to boulder. I realized after a few minutes that I was tearing up my quadriceps something fierce. At this point, it was too late. I spent the next hour carefully navigating my way down with a pair of trembling legs which were not the least bit stable.

I made it down to the bottom then walked the extra hour on mostly flat ground past the Hermitage to the visitor center. I took a eco-break then sat down to watch a 15 minute informational film about Mount Cook, partially for the movie but mostly to try to get my legs to stop shaking. I was a hurtin’ unit! By the time I got to my flat, I was absolutely spent. I laid down for about an hour then Susie came over to ask if I would like to eat with them. I was grateful to enjoy a yummy homemade dinner she had whipped up then went to the nearby YHA to do some internet. Someone had borrowed Lord of the Ring from the front desk and that was playing in the background as I tapped away on my netbook. The hostel was packed with families and I was quite surprised with the general demographic. There were lots of older couples (60-80 year olds!) traveling together. It was actually really cool to see. Overall, the feeling wasn’t very much a social place though and most people really kept to themselves. This was not the type of place you come to meet people or make friends.

Grateful for endurance.

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