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Race to the Inter IS land Ferry

After leaving Taupo, we knew had to motor in order to reach Wellington by the time we should check in for the Interisland ferry. Billy had booked the thing in advance so we could very well miss it or face paying extra fees. There were a few stops that would have been nice to make like roadside fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches) vendors but I just stared longingly at them as we sped by. The road was long an windey and there was a point where I must have nodded off, because shortly after I felt the car stop. B said that if his passenger is sleeping, he gets too tired to drive and has to pull over and have a nap too. So after a short rest, I offered to take the wheel once again so we wouldn’t have to speed to much. The weather was starting to get rainy and windy.

I had a feeling that it was a mistake to try and bite off the whole north island the first day but Billy had insisted we hurry as his vacation time was only 10 days. I realized later that he was just very eager to get to Mount Cook where he has a girl waiting for him. Ah the things we do for love! As he didn’t admit this to me straight away, I had no idea what the pressure to hurry hurry hurry was and I was getting rather stressed.

We did get to stop for some Manuka honey which I bought to help my throat which was still quite scratchy. Billy was also sick so I got extra for him hoping we wouldn’t just keep passing the germs around. Apparently this magical honey can heal like no body’s business and it is famous around the world for just that. It even comes in different strengths. It tastes a slight bit more earthy than typical clover honey but I figured I would get used to it for the sake of my health.

We stopped at a supermarket and picked up some foodstuffs to eat on the three hour ferry ride. Considering it would be past 930pm when we arrived in Picton, I figured it would be a better idea to feed enroute. I was happy to find a few salads and some fruits, although they were heavily overpriced and underquality compared to the streetside vendors.

B had just gotten a TomTom which he was trying out for the first time on this trip. The whole day he spent talking back to the lady who we think had an Aussie accent. I don’t know why he didn’t just mute the thing as it was correct only about 70 percent of the time. And it was annoying as heck. More annoying was the fact that he seemed to have entire conversations with the thing fighting with it back and forth. Really? Anyway, when we got to the ferry it announced that we were now entering the Inter-IS-land Ferry terminal. The comic relief almost made up for all the other blunders it jabbered on about. Almost but not quite.

We waited in the long line of hundreds of cars while the family behind us insisted on bouncing a ball around and on top of us repeatedly. They kept saying sorry but never did stop doing it. By the time we were able to board and leave the car, I was on my last legs. We found a bunch of seats near the cinema and some big picture windows then chowed down on some of our grub. I was disappointed to see that there were big metal rings that kept me from laying down over a few seats. B just sprawled out on the ground but I didn’t really want to get that close to the filthy rugs. I couldn’t help but think of all the gross bugs and germs and dirt colonizing inches from my face. No thanks. So I closed my eyes for a couple hours but didn’t get any rest.

Finally we pulled into Picton and promptly checked into a hostel. I mustered up just enough energy gulp down some tea with honey then after a swift shower, I fell into bed. I shoved my ear plugs in and prayed for some good dreams. I realized that I haven’t had a proper sleep in more than 96 hours. And it didn’t come yet. Turns out Billy snores and apparently so did the German lady who was also bunked in the room. :-/ Lucky me.

Grateful for fortitude.

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