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Warm hugs melt even the coldest of Winters

The last week of my time in Edmonton was jam packed with visits with my loved ones. It was the first time I really made a solid effort to see people and say proper goodbyes before I left. And somehow it really made a difference. When I actually got on the plane, I felt really like I had closed up shop and that niggling feeling that I had forgotten something (that feeling is ALWAYS there when checking in at the airport), was a mere shadow of its former self. I guess all this time, it was not an item or a errand that was lost in my scattered brain. It was more so the incompleteness that veiled me having not gotten apt closure from the people at home who I would be likely to miss. Well, this time, I did  it right.

I enjoyed so much all the well wishes, warm huggles, and dinners with my favorite people. I especially liked staying with my sister for a couple days and having some quality time with my nephews. We played Monopoly a lot and I won’t forget that competitive fun for a long time. Trina won even though she was reading a book half the time and not *really* paying attention. I really treasured our heart to heart sister time watching chick flicks and treating her to a yummy early Birthday brunch. She made me a huge going away party complete with turkey dinner. My mom and dad were there too which was a special treat for me. I can’t remember the last time we all got together like that. All us kids and grandkids got to play an awesome Scavenger Hunt my mom had created where everyone who played won money! My sister won first prize…she’s quick like that. I was really blessed to be able to have Xmas dinner early with my brother and his family but I confess, I really overate. I think I was full for three days so we must have done it right. I suppose I could have done with out that last gingerbread man.

After leaving my sisters, I stayed with my parents for the last few days in Canada. I got to absorb lots of love from them and even got to relish a tasty vegetarian dinner at Padmanadi. Haley joined us and we four dined on healthy Asian fare. I was so touched with how many people made an effort to wish me well on my way.

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I also managed to fit in a couple of classes. I learned how to make all natural bath truffles, body lotions, salt scrubs, and lip balm. It was so gratifying to create my own line of body care products. I was really in my element and I can see myself doing more of this in the future. I felt a cross between the Swedish Chef from the muppets and the absent minded professor. But what I ended up with was a lot of yummy treats which I was able to gift around before leaving. So basically my last week was spent eating, watching movies, playing chemistry, and doing a whole lot of laughing. I admit, there were even a few emotional tears that found their way down my cheeks. I will miss my peeps. Somewhere deep inside, I have a feeling I won’t see them again for a while.

One thing that I was really happy about was how bitterly cold it got for a few days in that last week. It was so bad I almost cried almost freezing my fingers off. Ok so maybe I am a little dramatic but come on! Minus Fourty Two Celsius with windchill! Who lives  like that? I shook my fist at  the frostbitten sky and let the weather gods know in no uncertain terms that I would not play their wicked game much longer. I wilt so quickly in the cold and it just made me even that much more appreciative of my impending trip south.

“Where are you going?” they asked.

“I dunno” I shrugged. “Anywhere warm.”

“So anywhere but here,” the nodded enviously.

“Yeah, basically.”

Grateful for closure.

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