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Manifesting a Birthday Buddy – Luang Prabang, Laos

I woke up early and felt great so I decided to go out for an early morning walk. I had an extra spring to my step as I sang Happy Birthday to myself in my head. I was pleased to discover that I was staying just around the corner from the morning market. Boasting everything fresh from fruits, vegetables, rice, spices, noodles, and meats skewered on a stick to live chickens and small pigs in carryable handwoven baskets. It was clearly *the* place to be first thing in the morning as the place was bustling with locals and the odd tourist snapping photos with their wide lens.

I happened upon a pile of cherimoyas and bought myself a birthday trio. Then I got lost in some charming narrow side streets which were filled with guesthouses. I decided upon a place for breakfast and was elated when they served me my first Lao coffee of the day. It was divine.

Lao coffee is really something else, in my humble opinion. I have heard that most of the countries in South East Asia battle for this title of best coffee. I often wonder if it is because the popular alternative is the Nescafe instant granules. After having that a few times, if you are served a proper cuppa joe, no matter where you are its bound to be the “best you’ve ever had”. I guess everyone has their own view on the topic but for me, Laos does it right. And then some!

I was on my way back to my guesthouse with no real plan in mind, when I happened past a tour agency around the corner from my hotel. I decided to stop in to see what was on offer as I had been thinking it may be nice to go see the waterfall today. There was a sweet looking girl at the end of the counter who seemed troubled by all the choices. I offered her my two cents, summarizing what I had learned the day about the local tours. She was very appreciative and we seemed to get on, so we decided take a day trip to the waterfalls together. Armed with a bag of cherimoyas and a new friend, I smiled to myself that my birthday was already turning out to be fantastic and it wasn’t even 10 o’clock!

Grateful for birthday luck.

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