It’s beginning to feel NOT like Christmas- Koh Phangan,Thailand

A few weeks ago I was asked to housesit for Sam while she went back to England for the holidays. It was a wonderful move for me because her charming home is situated on a very secluded beach.Although it is about half the size of where I was living, the quietude and simplicity is well worth the trade.

I am taking care of her two dogs who don’t love my cat and keep chasing her up the tree. Luckily my lovely neighbors whom I have become quite fond of keep helping me rescue her. Its quite cute when Naema is wobbling around on Andreas’ shoulders coaxing down my frightened feline.

I guess I should be grateful that natural predators are her biggest worry now that I have moved away from the main road. There are a lot of crippled animals on this little island and a serious stray dog problem. Today I watched a pregnant dog die after being hit by a motorbike. I tried to console my laundry lady who was quite upset about losing her dog. I wanted to tell her it was probably for the best but I am sure the sentiment would have gotten lost in translation. I opted to go the actions speak louder than words route and bought her flowers instead.

Everyone on my beach is in a silent retreat for a couple weeks so there is not a lot of opportunity for chitchat. There may be a chance that I am spending too much time alone. I have begun feeling a bit isolated and lonely. It really hit me hard on Xmas day when for the first time in my life, I missed the snow. I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself until I decided to make some presents for my silent neighbors.

Here on Koh Phangan Christmas is not a big deal and other than a few token Happy Holiday signs near the touristy restaurants, the holidays may pass you by completely. You can imagine how glad when Gaby from Argentina arrived on the island. Having only met online, I was a tad timid with my not so wonderful track record with Argentines. But I reasoned that as two single woman travelers, we should stick together. It took about 5 seconds after I climbed into the taxi with her to realize that Gabriella and Carmella are like two peas in a pod.

We adventured down to Haad Rin for their version of an Xmas party. It turned out to be identical to a typical Full Moon party with hundreds of wannabe Santas running around. I had a chuckle at just how “merry” some of my counterparts were and ended up gifting my hat (which had been gifted to me earlier that day at the internet café) to one of them. Gaby, who has a penchant for Aussies, had her first FMP romance with the lucky recipient. The two of them looked adorable in their matching hats so I wasn’t so sad to have lost my playmate. I found some new friends and even spun some fire before packing it in for an early (3am) night.

Grateful for Christmas spirit.


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