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Things that make me happy Living in Koh Phangan

– Everything Coconut. It seems that everything here has this wonderful flavor not to mention the free coconuts that fall from the trees. Just have to be careful they don’t fall on your head. Death by coconut is a real danger here on this isle
– trapped butterflies who climb on my finger so I can release them outside
– baskets on scooters
– people who sing while they are zooming along on their scooter


– the daily fruit delivery lady on her bike
– geckos chirping and singing
– how easy it is to adopt a needy pet
– rolling blackouts
– sweet buttery fresh papaya
– beautiful Wats (temples) scattered through the island
– pad thai for 30 baht (1 dollar)
– fresh fruit smoothie for 20 baht
– watching the dog family who live next door raise their little puppy
– seeing random monks going for ice cream


– comfortable triangle pillow sitting things
– when the locals warned me to put on my helmet because the scooter police were around the corner
– the stars are so bright out here
– the amount of people that stop to take photos of my killer view
– naming my kitty the Thai word for pig which is pronounced Moo

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