Cabin Fever – Sea Day

I decided to get room service to start my day off in a lazy way. No longer feeling the urge to battle it out for the treadmills in the morning. I have been leaving my workouts to the afternoon which means I don’t have that high to run me through the day. Instead I make a visit to the coffee bar for a buzz. After all, I have lots of punches left on my coffee card and Megan left me hers too! I decided I had better start drinking them up.

I wrote a letter to my mom and visited with some friends from the gym who said they’d missed me. I also met another older couple who were interested in my adventure. Needless to say, I have gotten a little behind in my writing because of all this visiting that is going on. I decided I had better get better at being anti-social if I wanted to get anything done. I guess my focus has been lacking. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I have been on a ship for a month.

After lunch, I wandered around aimlessly until I got inspired to get my butt to the gym. I had dinner then went to the captains party. Its always a bit of a gong show when the Captain is paying for the drinks. People seem to go a little hog wild and the energy becomes something like a Frat party. I ended up going to see Martin sing for a while. While he was belting out the tunes, I got inspired to do a little singing myself. Oh yes…It was Karaoke Mania once again! I was determined not to mess it up this time. I ended up sing Stand By Me with flair and received many compliments afterwards. I wondered if they we privy to my previous blunder and thought I had been practicing like mad.

My favorite show, Ports of Call, was on again so I went to enjoy it for the last time. It was good but I got bored and left before it was finished. My attention span is not very good these days. There was an Island Party up on the top deck so I paid it a visit. The buffet was the best I had all cruise and I admit, I kinda overdid it. I went to bed with a bit of a tummy ache and had a stern chat with my self control who clearly decided to take the night off. No more holidays for you!!

Grateful for singing.


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