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An Asian Hawaii – Okinawa, Japan

I woke from a very fitful night and was quite sleepy. I stumbled to the door to receive the room service which I gobbled up before hurrying off to the Fusion Lounge. We had to walk through a temperature scan to ensure we wouldn’t bring any illness into Japan before we were allowed to disembark.

We boarded the shuttle which dropped us close to the monorail which we decided we should take a ride on. We plugged in a couple hundred yen and then waited for the train to arrive. What I noticed most was how clean and quiet it was. Infact, the floors were so spotless you could eat off them. There were still many locals sporting the face masks that are so common here in Asia. They even sell different colors to match your wardrobe and kids ones have cartoons on them. It is a very paranoid culture over here when it comes to disease and germs. Maybe its justified…I don’t know.

As we only had about three hours in this port and wanted to cover as much as possible, we sped. We visited the castle and took photos but didn’t actually go in. It was temple like and reminded me of the shrine we had seen in the last Japanese port. We clicked a few photos before heading back to the train.

Instead of taking it all the way back to our origin, we got off a few stops early. This allowed us to amble down the main shopping street which would take us all the way back to our shuttle stop. We popped our heads in shop after shop and I realized why they call this place the Hawaii of Japan. It was very much a laid back tropical atmosphere and there was surfer stuff galore.

My favorite was when we paid 500 yen to stick our feet in a tank full of tiny fish. It was called Fish Doctor and the idea was that these little critters would feed off your dead skin. It was extremely bizarre so we had to try it. I was nervous but hesitated only for a second after removing my shoes and socks before taking the plunge. A hundred of inch long sucker fish swarmed our tired soles making for a unique massage experience indeed. After a minute of weirdness, I began to really enjoy it. I started fantasizing about my own little fish foot therapy I could make at home.

We got back to the ship and took a late lunch. I was exhausted so laid down for a nap which turned epic. Three hours later, a groggy Carmella stumbled to the gym. I pumped out a few good sets before cleaning up for dinner. I sat in Eric’s section who always makes me feel so special when I am dining alone. Somehow he makes me feel like I am the only passenger on the whole ship. I ate a big plate of my favorite succulent calamari and lychees with watermelon for dessert.

I finished off the night by listening to Martin play a set and dropped in a quick hi to JT the DJ up in Skywalkers. We made plans to meet the next morning to conquer Taiwan tomorrow. As I slipped into my fluffy duvet and tucked my four pillows around me like a nest, I smiled at myself. I am having so much fun!

Grateful for fish frenzy.

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