Dream Day Dream – East China Sea Day

I slept in for the first time in a long time which surprised me. I suppose my dreams are becoming more active which wakes me less rested. I ate then worked out before meeting up with some friends for lunch. We reviewed some health facts and figures then enjoyed the elaborate dessert buffet. I found my old card playing friends who invited me for a few rounds. I didn’t win but I didn’t lose.

I went through the Japanese Immigration process once again before making an appointment with the fitness dude. We talked a lot about different strategies I could use to balance out my system. I admit I sure did feel a lot better on leaving that meeting. I realized after seeing the stats from the electronic health scan that I am not in as bad of shape as I thought. Infact, most of the facts and knowledge that he shared, I had already learned. It’s just a matter of putting it into practice. Besides all that, its nice to have encouragement even when you are on the right track.

After eating dinner, I made my way to the main attraction for the night. Martin, my favorite entertainer of late, was making his debut in the Princess Theatre so I went to support. I nestled in front and center between Megan and Marshan. We all clapped loudly in appreciation as Martin tickled the ivories with his tribute to Elton John. Not a huge EJ fan but I still quite enjoyed the show, especially when he played his rendition of “Your Song”.

I tumbled into bed with music in my head. It was a good day.

Grateful for authenticity.

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