Navigating the Sea of Japan

As usual, I hit the gym first thing. Then after breakfast, I was rather tired. I rested up a bit before taking a late lunch. I sat alone and worked at my writing. I noticed that my servers were from Thailand and thought it may be nice to get a head start at learning the language. They taught me the proper way that thank you was pronounced but now I have forgotten. I will have to search them out and practice harder.

After lunch, I spent some time reading. Over all this was a quiet, restful day. That is until the Captains Circle Party. There was a lot of people who showed up and it was a good chance to meet formally meet the Captain. We shook his hand on the way in and I was aware that my hand was still damp from the hand sanitizer that we are obliged to use at every room entrance.

I ended up turning in early and getting a good solid nights sleep. I must have really needed it because I slept hard.

Grateful for rocking the boat.

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