Dodging Scurvy – Pacific Ocean

I had lots of energy this morning and decided to hold off on breakfast until after my workout. It was a good choice as I burned rubber on the treadmill and sweated up a storm. Afterwards, the reward was my salty egg white omlette stuffed with smoked salmon, spinach and cheese. I finished with my fruity oatmeal mix.

I wandered around the decks looking for a good place to write but didn’t find anywhere that really felt comfortable. The sea is flat today and I wonder if that is because we are getting so close to shore. We are nearly to Japan and if all goes as planned, we should dock in Muroran tomorrow morning.

When a few thousand people are stuck out at sea for a week, it takes some creativity to keep them occupied. There have been events such as Elevator Roulette, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (and every other kind of trivia you can imagine), Wii Olympics, and Cargo Boat Building Pool Contest.

At the moment I am watching the Egg Drop Challenge where teams drop eggs down from the top of the atrium hoping to keep them safe in their makeshift inventions. There are some very enthusiastic groups of oldies vying for the winning title. Ouch. A parachute attached to a box just fell on my head. I guess I am sitting a little too close to the action. Various designs using toilet paper, balloons, and bubble wrap are kept the fragile raw eggs from breaking. All stayed intact except for the toilet paper creation.

After dinner, I was pretty wiped. I sat and listened to some music in the piano bar while I read some of my book. I kind of wanted to get to bed relatively early as tomorrow was going to be a big day. After a week at sea, we finally get to get off the boat! And it is my first time to Japan. I have no idea what to expect but I am sure it will be an experience I won’t forget.

Grateful for cabin fever.

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